One of the most difficult hidden object games that I have ever played is Where’s Waldo & Friends which has just been launched on the App Store by Ludia to prove us all that the classic formula of simply having to find objects in crowded scenes still works and works great. But since there’s more than finding things in this game, I am here to share with you a bunch of Where’s Waldo cheats and tips for a perfect strategy so that you can progress faster than anybody else.

So if you’re having trouble getting good scores in your scenes or you want a bit of extra advice, read on for our Waldo & Friends tips and cheats!


1. Play the same scene over and over again
We have to admit that the scenes are indeed extremely difficult and the objects that you’ll have to hide are insanely well blended in the crowded areas, but you can get a slight advantage by playing the same scene over and over again. This way, you will start to learn the placement of different objects and it will be easier for you to find them in re-runs, especially when the multiple scenes come in play and you have to collect a ton of items. If you jump from a scene to another, there will be nothing but chaos, so I would suggest to spend all your energy in one run on a single scene (and maybe continue to do it once it’s refilled).

2. Focus on the missions
It’s extremely important to keep an eye on the missions because they offer you nice rewards that make everything easier in the game. Check out the missions first, see if any are related to a specific scene and focus on that. Easy as pie!

3. Go for combos
Never tap an item as soon as you find it! Instead, take your time and find all the items or at least most of them and start tapping them to get combos – they increase your final score and this helps you unlock the stars faster. Waiting and then getting combos is the way to go!

4. Earn free Gems
It’s not the easiest way to earn free gems in Where’s Waldo & Friends, but it can be done – simply head over to the Shop and check out the free offers that you have there – you can either watch videos for gems or complete offers for more of them (but these offers usually involve purchases on your side).

5. Don’t waste the Bones
The Bones or Wolf’s Bane can be used to instantly show you an item you can’t find. They are expensive and hard to come by, so save them for the really difficult situations – I would recommend waiting for the final star of the game and only using them when desperate to keep the combo meter running.

6. Log in daily
Even if you don’t have time to play, you should log in daily for the nice bonuses. You’ll still have to play a short hidden object scene to unlock the bonus, but you’ll get a lot of goodies that will help you in the long run.

These would be for now our Waldo & Friends tips and cheats. If you have other suggestions, let us know by commenting below.



  1. Thanks for all the tips, especially the one to wait until you’ve found most of the items. I hadn’t thought of that one. I don’t have any other tips but if I do I will post them asap!
    Happy Hunting!

  2. Want the best hint?? Just remember, if you are out of bones, try purchasing them anyways (with less than 30 gems). Your time pauses while the game tries to authorize the transaction, only you can still see the search screen (just a little dimmer). When you found everything, hit cancel and combo all the items. Ive finished 4 screen levels in less than 15 seconds doing this. Of course once you’ve done each level 100 times you can do it that fast without the pause cheat.

    PS… this may not work on a phone, as I’m using an android tablet and the authorization is just a small square in the center of the screen.

  3. That is so funny I’ve been to this page a few times and read through everything besides the comments looking for a hint on finding that damn wizard!! THANKS

  4. I know this may sound silly but if ur having trouble with the snapshot thing and the wizard, you do know you can move the camera around right? Because i didnt realise that for days haha!


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