Disney are still milking on the success of Where’s My Water which got 200 million downloads (and counting) as they announced Where’s My Mickey, a similar themed puzzle game featuring beloved cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and more. And as long as they keep delivering top notch puzzler, they can milk this franchise until 2020!

In Where’s My Mickey? things are really similar in concept with the original Where’s My Water: your goal is to help Mickey and his friends through a set of levels (100 to start with) to get to the much needed water. We’ll also have a story divided between 5 episodes, three of them being free and two available via IAP.


From the trailer that we can watch above, it’s pretty obvious that Where’s My Mickey comes with a new set of challenges that bring in new mechanics and surely a fresh new breath of air for the fans of the genre.

Where’s My Mickey? is going to be launched on iOS tomorrow, June 20, and it’s joining one of the most impressive weekly launches of the year. But more about all the great games to be released tomorrow soon!



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