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Where to Sell Items in Dave the Diver

Where to Sell Items in Dave the Diver
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As you explore the Giant Blue Hole, you will come across many knick-knacks scattered across the ocean floor, some of which are somewhat valuable. While you probably cannot use any of the items back at Bancho Sushi, you can probably pawn them off to fund your suit upgrades. If you are looking to sell, we can show you where to sell items in Dave the Diver.

How to sell items in Dave the Diver

About halfway through Chapter 1, Cobra takes notice of all the junk that Dave recovers on his dives. Suddenly, he remembers has his own personal pawn shop, and then offers its services to you.

At any point before a dive, Dave can talk to Cobra on the boat to access his shop. Walk in front of Cobra, press the space bar or X if you are using a controller to talk to him, then select the shop option to open Cobra’s Premium Shop.

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In Cobra’s shop, three randomly selected items are available for purchase. These items are just like the ones you can find in the underwater crates, so you can purchase these if you are looking to start with better gear. Do note that you can only use the items on the day of purchase, so you cannot save them for later.

Move over to the sell tab if you are looking to unload some of your items. Cobra buys any non-fish items off of you, including weapons, crafting materials, and treasures.

Be sure to read all item descriptions if you are unsure whether you should hold onto an item, as they usually tell you straight up if the item is only good for selling. Any item description that mentions “it’s probably worth a lot of money” is typically safe to sell.

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Where to Sell Items in Dave the Diver