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How to Pour Beer in Dave the Diver

How to Pour Beer in Dave the Diver

As good as Bancho Sushi’s green tea is, the drink selection could be expanded to have more than just one drink. Eventually, you will unlock beer as a drink in Dave the Diver, which should make a lot of the late night guests happy. But, perfecting the technique of getting just the right amount of foam is pretty tricky, so we will teach you how to pour beer in Dave the Diver.

Pouring the perfect beer in Dave the Diver

Once you achieve gold rank in the Cooksta app, Bancho Sushi finally gets beer as a second drink option, everyone’s favorite brewed and fermented grain drink. Unlike green tea, pouring beer requires a little more finesse to get a perfect rating, so let us show you everything you need to know about pouring the perfect pint.

To get you started, the beer machine itself says that the mug should have about 20% foam. Press the S key on the keyboard or move the right stick down on the controller to start pouring the beer.

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Once the mug is mostly full, tilt the mug upright and slowly pour more beer in. It helps to pour in bursts here—do not hold down the button or stick, instead just do quick movements or presses. This should help keep the foam you stirred up earlier.

Pouring the perfect mug of beer is very tricky, so do not sweat it if you mess up the first couple of times. Just keep practicing and you should get it down eventually. As a side note, we do recommend playing Dave the Diver with a controller, as this mini-game feels like it was designed with analog controls in mind.

If you really cannot stand pouring beer, you can eventually train your staff to be able to pour beers themselves. This is a very helpful ability to have, so be sure to train your staff members accordingly.

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How to Pour Beer in Dave the Diver