Where to Locate the Giant Dragon and How to Beat Him in Clash of Clans

Dragon's Lair

Clash of Clans is popular for its matchmaking system where players raid villages. But newcomers may not know how to raid a base, deploy troops, and do all sorts of such things. For this, Supercell has provided Single Player Campaign to let beginners practice.

When playing Clash of Clans for the first time, players go through a tutorial battle against goblins in Single Player Campaign. In the beginning, Single Player Campaign has weak bases, but things gradually get difficult as players upgrade their townhalls.

Towards the end of Single Player Campaign, goblin villages become too powerful and complex due to a multitude of inferno towers, eagle artilleries, and other buildings. Other than that, the Giant Dragon also awaits players in Single Player Campaign.

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Locate the Giant Dragon in Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans features a variety of different dragons, such as baby dragons, electro dragons, and more. However, none of them are close to the Giant Dragon in terms of strength. Giant Dragon is the most powerful character in Clash of Clans.

Giant Dragon is located at the last level of Single Player Campaign, titled Dragon’s Lair. To unlock this level, players will first have to clear Besieged base. On raiding Dragon’s Lair, players notice a weird structure named Dragon’s Cave, where the Giant Dragon resides.

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How to defeat the Giant Dragon

Dragon’s Lair is the most challenging base in Single Player Campaign. On top of the Giant Dragon, players will have to take care of 2 eagle artilleries, 8 inferno towers, 2 x-bows, 2 air defenses, 2 archer towers, and loads of traps.

Dragon’s Lair looks intimidating to many Clash of Clans players, but with the right strategy, defeating it becomes a lot easier. While the recommended townhall level for Dragon’s Lair is 12, players as low as townhall level 9 can also clear it.

Watch the above video by YouTuber Gaming with Harman to know the strategy for defeating Giant Dragon. This tutorial is for townhall level 9, but will also work with higher townhalls. Since there is no timer, players can take their sweet time to defeat the most challenging level.

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Where to Locate the Giant Dragon and How to Beat Him in Clash of Clans


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