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Where to Go After Boost Ball in Metroid Prime

Where to Go After Boost Ball in Metroid Prime
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Metroid games feature sprawling worlds that branch off in multiple directions, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out where you are supposed to go next. Metroid Prime is no stranger to this, especially since it is the series’ first 3D outing. One notable spot where players get stuck often is after acquiring the Boost Ball upgrade, so let us show you where to go after Boost Ball in Metroid Prime.

Where do you go after getting the Boost Ball in Metroid Prime?

Your first visit into the icy lands of Phendrana Drifts is not a long one. Shortly after entering the area for the first time, you acquire the Boost Ball upgrade, which lets Samus charge up kinetic energy and launch herself forward while in the Morph Ball.

After getting the Boost Ball, the rest of Phendrana Drifts is locked behind inaccessible doors, so return to the main hub area, Tallon Overworld. Specifically, you want to head to the Tallon Canyon:

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Near the door that leads to the Transport to Chozo Ruins West, there is another half-pipe configuration. Since you already got out of a half-pipe utilizing the abilities of the Boost Ball, you can do so here too.

Roll into Morph Ball, then start boosting back and forth until you reach a small alcove at the top of the half-pipe. If you are having trouble, remember that the best time to let go of your boost is right as you are about to hit the curved section of the half-pipe.

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Once you reach the alcove, go across the small bridge and bomb open the cracked wall. Keep cracking the walls to reach a straightforward path. Move forward until you reach a large room with the Space Jump Boots upgrade in the middle.

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The Space Jump Boots allows Samus to jump a second time in midair. As you can probably guess, a lot of high platforms you could not reach before are now accessible, so have fun exploring!

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Where to Go After Boost Ball in Metroid Prime