Where to Get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter: Rise


Pale Bones are gruesome crafting materials that are required for some gear in Monster Hunter: Rise. The bones match the monster they come from, and if you guessed the loathsome Khezu, you’d be right! Today, we’ll show you where to get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter: Rise!

Where to Find Pale Bone in Monster Hunter: Rise

As we mentioned, Pale Bone drops from Khezu, the blind and pale beasts that stalk the caves of the Frost Islands. You can also find them in the Lava Caverns as well. If you haven’t hunted a Khezu before, be sure to watch out for its electric attacks—you’ll be paralyzed if you’re shocked, and Khezu will go in for the bite!

The exact drop rates for Pale Bones are:

SourceLow RankHigh Rank
Target Rewards8%10%
Capture Rewards10%N/A
Broken Part Rewards (Head)12%16%
The full drop rate table (High Rank version).

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If you need some clarification, Target Rewards are the rewards you get for simply clearing a quest with Khezu as the target monster. Capture Rewards are obtained when you capture the monster instead of killing it. Broken Part Rewards are obtained by breaking certain parts of the monster, in this case Khezu’s head.

Pale Bones drop in both Low Rank and High Rank quests with Khezu, but the drop rates are slightly higher in High Rank. However, it’s interesting to note that you can potentially get Pale Bones from capturing Khezu in a Low Rank quest, but not in a High Rank Quest.

If you’re planning on killing Khezu, you should fight it in a High Rank quest. If you want to capture it instead, do it in Low Rank. Either way you pick, you should always break Khezu’s head for the extra drop chance.

That concludes our guide on where to get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter: Rise. If you have any other questions about Pale Bones or Khezu, let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter: Rise


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