How to Farm Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter: Rise


Firecell Stones are rare crafting materials needed for high-end gear in Monster Hunter Rise. If you couldn’t guess from the name, these stones only appear in the fiery depths of the Lava Caverns, so you’ll need to brave the heat to get your hands on these. Today, we’ll show you how to farm Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter: Rise!

How to Find and Farm Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise

First and foremost, Firecell Stones can only be mined from the Mining Outcrops at High Rank Lava Caverns. Be sure you don’t attempt to mine for them in the Low Rank version, as your search will come up dry… or molten, in this case.

We recommend searching for Firecell Stones on an Expedition Tour of the Lava Caverns, since you get unlimited time to gather to your heart’s content. Additionally, sometimes Expedition Tours may experience Upsurges, which increase the spawn rate of a specific gatherable material. You can confirm what kind of Upsurge is happening if you check the quest’s details.

Check under “Locale Info” to see if there’s a surge. In our case, we had a surge of Honey.

If you see that there’s an Upsurge of Mining Outcrops, that’s the best time to go! Don’t worry if you get an Upsurge for something else, as it’ll change whenever you come back from a completed quest.

Before you head out on the Expedition Tour, be sure to bring a Palico along with the Gathering support type. These Palicos gather items more often, and they have a better chance of getting rarer materials than other support type Palicos.

Now that you’re at the Lava Caverns, pop open your map and jot down the locations of all the white Mining Outcrops. The blue Mining Outcrops are more common, but the white ones have a higher chance of giving you Firecell Stones. Here are all the locations, for your convenience:

Lava Caverns surface level white Mining Outcrops.
Lava Caverns cave level white Mining Outcrops.

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Here’s a helpful trick: while looking at your detailed map, open the Icon List. Go to Materials 2, then select the white Mining Outcrop. This will highlight all white Mining Outcrops on your detailed map, so whenever you hold down your item select button and your minimap zooms in, you can see any nearby white Mining Outcrops.

All you need to do now is run out there and mine all the Outcrops. Remember, the Firecell Stone is pretty rare, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it after a couple of Outcrops. Just keep trying—the Mining Outcrops will respawn after a few minutes.

There are also a couple of auxiliary ways of farming Firecell Stones. Send out your Meowcernaries to High Rank Lava Caverns when they show up, and you can also do the following quests:

  • (6★) The Lava Caverns Sweep
  • (7★) Can’t Kill It with Fire

These two High Rank quests have a chance to reward you with Firecell Stones, but the drop rate is low, so don’t expect them to be fruitful that often.

That concludes our guide on how to farm Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise. If you have any other helpful farming tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Farm Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter: Rise


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