Where to Find the Shrine Upgrade in Spiritfarer

Where to Find the Shrine Upgrade in Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is an interesting platformer game developed and published by Thunder Lotus Games. There are lots of fascinating things you can do in this sandbox adventure title. Spiritfarer provides you with different abilities that you will need to use during your journey in this game. However, you will need to find certain structures to unlock these abilities. These structures are called Shrines, and this guide will tell you about them, how to find them, and which abilities they can give to you.

How to Find Shrine Upgrades in Spiritfarer

There are a few different abilities in Spiritfarer that are called Shrine Upgrades, which provide your character with new skills and allow you to continue to progress in the game. In order to unlock these upgrades, you need to find structures called Shrines. These are spread across the game’s world, and you will need to find all of them if you want to unlock all the abilities of your character.

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There are seven Shrines in total, and some of these abilities are very important. Here is the list of all abilities and the locations of the Shrines that will let you unlock them:

  • Double Jump: Allows your character to jump twice – Located in Hummingberg
  • Glide: Allows your character to use a glider – Located in Furogawa
  • Zipline: Allows your character to use ziplines – Located in Nordweiler
  • Bounce: Allows your character to bounce on certain items – Located in Oxbury
  • Dash: Allows your character to leap forward – Located in Greymist Peaks
  • Light Burst: Allows your character to create a circular lighting burst – Located in Crow’s End
  • Improved Tools: Improves your pickaxe and fishing rod – Located in Crow’s End

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Where to Find the Shrine Upgrade in Spiritfarer


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