Home Game Guides Where to Find the Coin in Fortnite Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura

Where to Find the Coin in Fortnite Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura

Where to Find the Coin in Fortnite Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura
Fortnite Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura

Fortnite introduces award-winning pop and R&B sensation, Aya Nakamura, to their Soundwave Series. The French-Malian singer has her own concert experience in Fortnite, and players are invited to take part by finding a Gold Coin during the concert. Anyone who picks up the coin gains some exclusive rewards, including 40K XP. Find out below where to find the coin in Fortnite Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura.

Aya Nakamura Soundwave Series Concert in Fortnite

To gain 40K bonus XP, plus an exclusive Aya Nakamura loading screen and spray, players must enter the Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura concert. You can find this Creative map in ‘Epic’s Picks’, or at the top of the Discover tab.

Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura (via Epic Games)

Upon entering the concert, you and other players can use any of the exclusive emote dances offered, or pick one from your own inventory. When the concert begins, you can run, dance, and fly to collect any musical notes you see, gaining XP as you do so. Extra notes are offered in designated dance spots.

Dance in the designated spaces for extra Music Notes (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Players are lifted into the air when it is time to move to a different section. Explore each section you arrive in, and see how much XP you can gain during the concert. Occasionally there are objects to hit to gain extra XP, such as pearls hidden in seashells.

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Hit the pearl to collect XP (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

When you are flying, try to go through all the rings to gain extra XP before landing in the next area. Every area has musical notes to collect, and space to dance and enjoy the show.

Fly through the rings to collect XP (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

There is even a section where you can fire a paintball gun at blank canvases and see artwork appear. Try to get involved with as much as possible during each part of the show to gain bonus XP and bonus enjoyment!

Enjoy firing paintballs and seeing artwork appear (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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When you come to the end of the show, Aya Nakamura will thank all the players for coming, and you will see a giant Gold Coin appear. Run through the coin to collect it and your time in the concert is complete! Now you can just leave the game and head back to your lobby.

That is all you need to do to earn the rewards for Aya Nakamura’s Soundwave Series concert. Upon leaving you will see you have collected 40K XP, the Aya’s Island loading screen, and her exclusive Soundwave Series spray. Good luck and have fun!

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Where to Find the Coin in Fortnite Soundwave Series: Aya Nakamura


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