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Where to find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76

Where to find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76
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The Blue Devil is one of the latest Cryptids in Fallout 76, which made its debut with the “Once in a Blue Moon” update that went live on June 20, 2023. If you are looking for this new Creature to complete challenges or to quench your thirst for hunting all types of Cryptids in the game, you are at the right place. This guide discusses where you can find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76

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Where to find The Blue Devil in Fallout 76

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In Fallout 76, you can find the Blue Devil at the usual Cryptid spawn locations around Appalachia. Though the spawn is based on RNG, so you may have to server-hop a lot before you can spot a Blue Devil out in the open. 

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Apart from searching around Appalachia, there is a 100% chance of finding the Blue Devil in the game. And that is by progressing the newly added “Safe and Sound” public event.

At the end of the event, the Blue Devil spawns as the final boss, whom you must defeat to complete the event and receive the different rewards it offers. 

Fallout 76 Safe and Sound Event Location

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The Safe and Sound public event in Fallout 76 takes place at the Middle Mountain Pitstop. You can reference the above map screenshot to reach the event location. Just make sure the event is live. Else, wait till it goes live. 

Note: Public events go live every 20 minutes in Fallout 76 on a random basis. 

How to Complete Safe and Sound event in Fallout 76

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Once the Safe and Sound public event is live in Fallout 76, teleport to the Middle Mountain Pitstop and talk to Vera Thornberg inside the cabin in the east. 

After that, you get the objective to “Restore the Middle Mountain Pitstop,” which you can do by:

  • Clearing the area of critters
  • Repairing six Circuit Breakers 
  • Defending the Repeller Generator from three waves of enemies
  • Defeating the Blue Devil in the third wave. 

That said, here are the enemies that spawn during the three waves

  • Honey beasts
  • Radscorpions
  • Wolves
  • Yao guai
  • Blue Devil

That concludes our guide on where to find Blue Devil in Fallout 76. For more on Fallout 76, check out our dedicated guides section

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Where to find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76