Where to Find Slap Juice in Fortnite

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 brings a new consumable called Slap Juice. Slap Juice is an energy restoring drink your character can use to restore health and stamina. Check out the guide below to find out where to find Slap Juice in Fortnite.

How to Get and Use Slap Juice in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Slap Juice comes in small bottles that can be carried in stacks of 6. They give the player 25 health plus restores their energy by 100%, prolonging their stamina and ability to sprint for longer. These are the first consumables that can be taken while running.

Slap Juice found as floor loot (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Slap Juice can be found in Coolers, rare and regular Chests, and in Supply Drops. They can also be picked up as floor loot in buildings. Players can also get a stack of 3 Slap Juice from Neymar Jr, an NPC situated at Slappy Shores, for 150 Gold Bars. Slap Juice drops in stacks of 3 so players are able to carry two drops (6 bottles) altogether.

Get Slap Juice from Neymar Jr at Slappy Shores (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Slap Juice is available in other forms too, much like Slurp Juice. Players can break down Slap Juice Barrels to gain the same effects but less health (10 HP). There are also Slap Berries that are found on bushes around the island, usually in grassy or forest areas.

Slap Barrels in Slappy Shores (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

It is not yet clear whether there are Slap Fish in this new chapter but as soon as we find out- we will let you know!

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Slap Berries in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

That is all you need to know about Slap Juice and where to find it. Next up, why not check out how to get Chrome Punk as a free skin before the end of 2022? Good luck!

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Where to Find Slap Juice in Fortnite


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