Errors and server-related issues are nothing new to live service games like Fortnite. Even though the developers do a ton of unit testing, play testing, and other things, the final version of a new update always brings new issues. On top of that, some issues arise due to the game servers being down or overloaded—one such issue is the “Waiting in Queue” error that Fortnite players face whenever there is a new update. This guide will talk about how to fix Fortnite Waiting In Queue error. 

How To Fix Fortnite Waiting In Queue Error


Sadly, no trick or troubleshooting method fixes the Fortnite Waiting in Queue error. As we hardly have control over it. The general fixes like restarting your internet connection, logging out of VPNs, not using proxies, and other methods don’t help when players get the “Waiting in Queue” error in Fortnite. 

The only fix to this issue is waiting till the server load is manageable, and the servers are live. If these two conditions are satisfied, you can restart the game and find the game working fine—no more “Waiting in Queue” error in Fortnite. 

So, we recommend players wait and keep checking Fortnite’s official and the Fortnite Status Twitter handles. Once you get the green light, restart the game if it’s running, and if not, run the game, and you will be able to log in and play.  

What is the “Waiting in Queue” Error in Fortnite? 

The “Waiting in Queue” error is a message that appears when players try to log in to Fortnite. This issue arises whenever a game update and corresponding scheduled maintenance are going on with the game servers. 

The second reason for the “Waiting in Queue” error in Fortnite is when the server load is very high. Do not worry! Epic Games is more than capable of getting new servers, and their game servers hardly overload; this error only arises when a new update comes out and “more than expected players” try to log into the game simultaneously. 

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How To Fix Fortnite Waiting In Queue Error


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