Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a fun sim game from Last Day of Work. Players act as the all-powerful overseer of a growing village full of hardworking people on the mysterious island of Isola. Players can craft items, solve puzzles, and build a successful village to help the villagers survive and thrive. There are 9 puzzles in every chapter of the game, and each has multiple steps to complete it successfully. Below is a short guide on how to complete puzzle 7 of Chapter 1: the Rhubarb Pie Puzzle.

Where to Find Rhubarb for Puzzle 7

Puzzle 7 in Chapter 1 requires you to bake a rhubarb pie. To complete this puzzle, you are required to have a Master Farmer, be at least level 2 in farming and crafting technologies, and to have first completed puzzle 6.

Follow the steps below to easily complete the puzzle:

  • Harvest apple from the apple tree you grew for puzzle 6.
  • You may have to wait for the water-logged garden to drain before continuing.
  • Once the graden is dry, drop a child onto the Garden so they can dig and tidy it, making it ready for planting. It has to be a child, not an adult, who completes this task.
Preparing the garden in Virtual Villagers Origins 2
  • Find the Seed Bag next to the Research Table. Retrieve 3 seeds and bring them to the Garden.
  • Craft fertilizer by combing Mixed Herbs and Earth at the Crafting Hut, and take 3 Fertilizer pots to the Garden.

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Craft fertilizer at the Crafting Hut in Virtual Villagers Origins
  • Wait for the plants to grow and then harvest your crop.
  • Create a pie at a table using Dough, Apple, and Rhubarb.
  • Bake the pie by first preparing an oven with hot rocks.
Preparing the pie in Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Finally, eat 3 slices of pie to complete the puzzle. Eating pie will gain you +3 Farming, Crafting, Healing, and Research.

Good luck!

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