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Where to Find Outfits in Peridot – Best Outfits to Get

Check out our guide to find out where to get and how to use outfits in Peridot, and which are the best to unlock

As unique each Peridot pet are, there is a way to make them stand out even more. Various items of clothing and accessories are available so your Dot can be as stylish as you are! From hats to glasses, and even a clown’s red nose, there are some really fun cosmetics and outfits to choose from. Let’s explore where to find outfits in Peridot and which outfits are the best.

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How to Get Outfits and Accessories in Peridot

Customize your Dot with individual pieces of dress-up kit such as a crown, moustache, or glasses! The outfits only aply to three parts of the Dot’s body: Head, Neck, and Face. Here are the ways you can unlock outfits in Peridot:

  • Daily Log In Bonus Reward
  • Levelling Up as Keeper
  • Weekly Quest Reward
  • Purchased from the Store as a Bundle or Daily Deal

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How to Equip Outfits in Peridot

To choose which pieces of the outfit you want to put on your Dot, just tap your Dot’s Happiness Meter icon on the bottom left of your screen. Next, tap Outfits and choose which part you want to decorate: Head, Neck or Face. Any Outfits you have purchased or unlocked will be shown there. Try out all your different pieces to see what suits your Dot and tap Save.

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Best Outfits in Peridot

As you play and level up you will discover and unlock many different items to suit your individual Dots. The best outfit for your Dot really depends on your Dot’s personality. You can find out what your Dot is like by tapping the Happiness Meter and scrolling down to find Traits and Personality. A jokester Dot would look excellent in a red clown nose, while a sophisticated Dot might find a golden crown would be best.

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The most coveted outfits are either unlocked when you reach a high level, or bought from the Peridot Store. The Starter Basket is around $10 and includes a smart Bow Tie, an orange Top Hat, some cute glasses, Gemstones, and a stray Dot!

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It is always worth checking out Daily Deals to see what outfits you can grab for a few Gemstones. They usually have some fun items for sale for between 50 and 250 Gemstones!

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Where to Find Outfits in Peridot – Best Outfits to Get