Where to Find Mamadoodle in Rune Factory 5


The Rune Factory series of games have always featured an interesting and varied world, and the fifth part is no exception. Players can do whatever they want in a beautiful fantasy world and, of course, hunt monsters. However, sometimes players have trouble finding their targets. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to find Mamadoodle.

Where to Find Mamadoodle

The game has many different interesting quests. And one of the most exciting is the quest chain called Wanted Monster. Players can start this quest at the very beginning of the game by talking to Livia. She will also teach you how to catch monsters. Fortunately, everything is very simple. You have to find the right monster, then reduce its health to the minimum level, and use ZL to catch it.

However, all monsters are located in certain locations, and sometimes they are difficult to find. Before you go hunting for Mamadoodle, you must choose the quest to capture it from Livia. Otherwise, the monster will not spawn in the location.

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You need to travel to the eastern part of the Phoros Woodlands. Then you must find a shallow cliff and then follow the path to find Mamadoodle. But be careful, as there will be many strong Goblins near it. Because this quest is a 4-star, you need to reach a certain level to complete it successfully. We recommend that you first reach level 70+ before accepting this quest. Also, before hunting, stock up on Failed Dishes, as this food is very effective for reducing the health of monsters.

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Where to Find Mamadoodle in Rune Factory 5


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