Where to Find Fuel Cells in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

fortnite resistance week 11 feature fuel cell

The end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is drawing near, and the last week of Resistance Quests has arrived. This week players are asked to set up an emergency broadcast, deliver a vehicle, make a difficult but slow journey, and find fuel cells. Find out below how to complete the second Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 11 Resistance Quest which comes in two parts. Find out more below!

How to Equip the Backpack, Find the Fuel Cells, and Return the Backpack

This two-part Resistance Quest begins after establishing a device uplink. The two areas players can choose from are Seven Outpost II or Seven Outpost V. There are two device uplinks at each of these areas, but players only have to walk over one of them to establish the uplink and hear the first part of the following quest. The device uplinks look like a blue marker:

fortnite resistance quest week 6
Establish a Device Uplink (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Players are then asked to find a backpack at the same Seven Outpost. Players will recognise where the backpack is by an exclamation mark on the map showing the backpack’s position. The backpack will be highlighted with white sparkles until equipped:

fortnite resistance quest week 11 backpack
Find the backpack at either of the Seven Outposts you landed at (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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Once you have found the backpack, make your way to Command Cavern to pick up two fuel cells. Use a Rift or a Helicopter to get there quickly! Find the Fuel Cells dotted around Command Cavern. The easiest to find are just inside the entrance to Command Cavern that has the long river and tunnel. Enter and head right, there is one just inside the entrance:

fortnite fuel cel entrance
Pick up the first fuel cell near the entrance of Command Cavern river tunnel (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Another can be found very nearby on the next level up in Command Cavern. Just watch out for IO Guards!

fortnite fuel cell quest
Another fuel cell can be found nearby in Command Cavern (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Once you have both fuel cells, make your way quickly back to Outpost V. You must get back before the fuel cells run below 50%. Drop off the Charge Pack at one of three places within the Outpost:

fortnite resistance fuel cell drop off
Drop off the charge pack at Outpost V (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

As soon as that is done, the next Resistance quest is available. The following quest is another device uplink, this time at Camp Cuddle or The Joneses.

Good luck!

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Where to Find Fuel Cells in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2


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