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Where to Find Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now

Where to Find Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now
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The stronger and more ferocious version of Diablos, Black Diablos, has returned to Monster Hunter Now for a limited time! If you’re having trouble locating Black Diablos, here’s where to find Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now.

Where to Hunt Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now

Black Diablos is a special event monster, which means that it only appears during specific time periods. The first appearance of Black Diablos dates back to the release of Monster Hunter Now in September, and now it’s making its triumphant return.

To help celebrate ring in the new year, Monster Hunter Now has several events going on throughout the month of January. The first event of the new year, starting on December 23, 2023 and lasting until January 8, 2024, features both Black Diablos and Pink Rathian appearing throughout the world.

Black Diablos are found exclusively within desert habitats. There are three habitats in Monster Hunter Now: forests, deserts, and swamps. The desert is easily distinguished between the three thanks to its bright orange yellowish coloring, so keep an eye out when you’re searching for desert habitats.

Since Black Diablos is a special event monster, it’s marked with a white star next to its map icon. Keep an eye out for this icon, as it can help you spot it in a sea of monsters.

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Black Diablos is the stronger variant of Diablos, so make sure you come prepared with an ice element weapon. It’s also susceptible to paralysis, so use a paralysis weapon if you prefer. Check out our guide on how to unlock new weapons in Monster Hunter Now if you still need to unlock different weapon types.

Black Diablos Armor Skills

Taking down Black Diablos rewards you with its appropriate parts, which allows you to craft its Diablos Nero armor set. The set has a variety of skills, most of which are helpful and can fit into various builds.

  • Black Diablos weapons: Partbreaker
  • Diablos Nero Helm: Partbreaker 2, Resentment
  • Diablos Nero Mail: Resentment 2, Firm Foothold
  • Diablos Nero Braces: Resentment, Focus
  • Diablos Nero Coil: Lock On, Heroics
  • Diablos Nero Greaves: Heroics, Offensive Guard

Remember that Black Diablos disappears once more at the end of this event on January 8, 2024, so make sure to get your hunts in if you’re chasing after this armor set.

We hope this guide helps you find Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Find Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now