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How to unlock new weapons in Monster Hunter Now

How to unlock new weapons in Monster Hunter Now
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In the fantastic world of Monster Hunter Now, the beasts are as majestic as they are deadly, so you better be packing hefty weapons in order to hunt them successfully. There are six different weapon types for Hunters to use, but you’ll have to complete some quests before they show up. So, when exactly do you unlock new weapons? We’re here to show you how to unlock new weapons in Monster Hunter Now.

Unlocking new weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Now

You start your hunting career with the humble Sword & Shield weapon type, which is a weapon that is balanced between offense and defense. As you progress through the early Hunter Ranks (HR), the tutorial will briefly explain crafting new weapons.

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You can make different swords with different properties, such as a sword that can poison monsters, ignite them with fire attacks, or even paralyze them. Your crafting list starts out pretty barren at first, but unlocking more crafting recipes is simple, as you just have to find new crafting materials.

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Say, for example, you encounter a large monster that you’ve never battled before. If you are successful in taking it down, the new materials you earn from the hunt will unlock both new weapons and armor for you to craft.

Gathering points are important as well, as you need precious minerals and ores to craft the better weapons. If you want to craft lots of different weapons, be sure to gather as many crafting materials as you can.

Unlocking new weapon types in Monster Hunter Now

In addition to the trusty Sword & Shield, there are five other weapons types in Monster Hunter Now, which includes Long Swords, Great Swords, Hammers, Light Bowguns, and Bows.

Before you can craft new weapon types, you’ll need to prove your mettle first, and that means improving your HR. Once you finish the prologue, which is when you hit HR11, you’ll be given quest sets called chapters.

Completing the following chapters unlocks more weapons for you, starting with the Great Sword unlocking after chapter 2-1. You’ll have full access to the rest of Monster Hunter Now’s weapons after reaching chapter 3.

While chapter 3 may seem like a far off goal, you can get there pretty quickly if you’re exploring around a populated area. As long as you’re walking around an area full of large monster spawns and gathering spots, you should be able to breeze through the quests.

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How to unlock new weapons in Monster Hunter Now