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How to use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

How to use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now
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If you’re familiar with the mainline Monster Hunter games, you’ll know that every weapon had a diverse move set with some really cool attacks. In Monster Hunter Now, many of these moves have been turned into Special Skills, which are basically treated as ultimate attacks. If you really want to bring the pain on monsters, we’ll show you how to use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now.

What are Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now?

Special Skills are powerful maneuvers that deal tons of damage to monsters. Each one of the six weapon types have their own unique Special Skill, and you can unlock it by overgrading any weapon of that type to at least grade 2.

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The six Special Skills are:

  • Perfect Rush Combo (Sword & Shield): Perform three powerful strikes with your sword. Tap when you see your sword flash for more damage.
  • True Charged Slash (Great Sword): Perform a quick overhead slash, then follow it up with an extremely powerful slash.
  • Spirit Helm Breaker (Long Sword): Thrust your sword forward, then leap into the air and slash downward.
  • Spinning Bludgeon (Hammer): Spin your hammer around ferociously, then finish with a golf swing.
  • Wyvernblast Counter (Light Bowgun): Fire an explosive round into the monster.
  • Dragon Piercer (Bow): Fire a special arrow that can completely pierce through a monster. Especially effective against large monsters.

As you continue to overgrade a weapon, its Special Skill also levels up, up to a level 3 cap. Higher level Special Skills deal more damage.

How to use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

Once you’re using a grade 2 weapon or above, an orange button should appear during combat now. This is your Special Skill, but it must be fully charged by attacking monsters before it can be used. Once the button is filled all the way, you can use your Special Skill at any time by tapping it.

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Note that you are completely invincible during a Special Skill animation, so don’t be afraid to let loose. Your Special Skill charge also transfers between fights, so if you’re gunning for fast times, it’s a good idea to build up charge on smaller monsters, then go into a large monster fight with full charge.

Another tip: If it comes down to the wire, using your Special Skill when the timer runs out lets you squeeze in a few more hits, and the hunt only ends after your Special Skill animation is completed. You can pull off some clutch victories in some situations!

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How to use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now