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All weapons in Monster Hunter Now

All weapons in Monster Hunter Now
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One of the biggest draws of the Monster Hunter series is the staggering amount of weapon types available to Hunters, each with their own unique movesets and mechanics. Charge immensely powerful blows with the Great Sword, fire at monsters from a safe distance with the Light Bowgun, or stick to the trusty Sword & Shield, which is a nice balance between offense and defense.

In Monster Hunter Now, six weapon types from the original series are usable. Which weapon will you use? Here are all weapons in Monster Hunter Now.

All weapon types in Monster Hunter Now

As of Monster Hunter Now’s official launch, six of the fourteen original weapon types from the mainline Monster Hunter games are in Now. Despite the simplified controls, the weapons still manage to retain their signature moves and mechanics. Don’t know which weapon to choose? We’ll run you through all weapon types in Monster Hunter Now.

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Sword & Shield

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The starting weapon of all Hunters, and for good reason—it’s the most balanced weapon of them all. Since the sword is light and easy to wield, Hunters can close the distance and attack quickly. Hunters can also use the shield to bash monsters, which deals stunning impact damage.

If a Hunter doesn’t think they’ll be able to dodge an attack, they can instead opt to plant their feet into the ground and block with their shield by long-pressing. The Sword & Shield’s Special Skill, Perfect Rush, unleashes a flurry of swift attacks.

Great Sword

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Trading mobility and speed for overwhelming attacks, the Great Sword is all about crushing your opponents with raw strength. These massive swords greatly decrease your Hunter’s mobility, but more than make up for it with extremely strong attacks.

Hunters can charge up their Great Swords for even more devastating attacks, and the Special Skill, True Charged Slash, is the hardest-hitting attack in the entire game!

Long Sword

Screenshot via Monster Hunter Now YouTube

Become a master swordsman with the Long Sword, a weapon that focuses on reading monster patterns and dodging accordingly. As you attack monsters, the Spirit Gauge fills up, increasing your overall damage. Watch out, as taking damage drains the Spirit Gauge.

Mastering the Long Sword requires Hunters to take advantage of its flowing attack moves. Certain attacks with the Long Sword can dodge attacks or make you automatically counter. You can follow attacks up with the Spirit Helm Breaker Special Skill that launches you into the sky to bring your blade crashing down upon the monster.


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The Hammer is probably the most straightforward weapon of the bunch. See big monster? Smash it with a big hammer! The Hammer is one of the few weapon types that deals impact damage—when a monster’s head is hit with enough impact damage, it’ll be stunned, letting Hunters get in free hits!

If you really want to wallop a monster, the Special Skill Spinning Bludgeon has you spin the hammer around like a top, only to unleash a powerful uppercut at the end.

Light Bowgun

Screenshot via Monster Hunter Now YouTube

The Light Bowgun is the first ranged weapon in Monster Hunter Now. Fire upon monsters from afar, and depending on the Bowgun, you can load it with different types of ammo to help suit the situation. If you’re more comfortable staying a bit away from the monster, the Light Bowgun is for you.

The Light Bowgun’s Special Skill, Wyvernblast Counter, fires an explosive bomb at the monster that can dish out extreme damage.


Screenshot via Monster Hunter Now YouTube

The Bow is another ranged weapon, and it requires Hunters to be a little closer to their targets than the Light Bowgun. The Bow can fire off arrows in different arcs by long-pressing to charge it up.

The Bow’s Special Skill, Dragon Piercer, fires off an extremely sharp arrow that can penetrate a monster all the way through, dealing damage the entire time. Dragon Piercer is especially effective against larger monsters.

So, which weapons have caught your attention? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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All weapons in Monster Hunter Now