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Where to Find Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter Now

Where to Find Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter Now
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The king of azure flames has arrived to achieve air superiority! Azure Rathalos will be appearing shortly in Monster Hunter Now during a limited-time event, so here’s where to find Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter Now.

Where to Hunt Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter Now

Azure Rathalos is a special variant of the king of the skies. Azure Rathalos possess the same scorching fire balls and poison claws that the normal version has, but has even better air mobility. As such, Azure Rathalos loves to take to the skies, even more so than the regular Rathalos.

Azure Rathalos is an event monster, so it’ll only show up during limited time events, similar to Black Diablos. The first event to feature Azure Rathalos, Descent of the Azure King, starts on January 15, lasting to January 21, 2024, during the January event fest. In order to see Azure Rathalos, you’ll need to have finished chapter 13 of the main story.

Image via Niantic

During Descent of the Azure King, Azure Rathalos will spawn in forest habitats. Its spawn rate will be relatively sparse compared to past event monsters, so you’ll need to search high and low to find an Azure Rathalos.

For the last three days of the event, Azure Rathalos’ spawn rate is increased, starting on January 19 at 5:00 PM, lasting until the end of the event. This is your last chance to gather some Azure Rathalos materials!

Azure Rathalos Armor Skills

If you manage to take down Azure Rathalos during the event, you’ll get materials to craft the weapons and armor set. Here are skills:

  • Azure Rathalos weapons: Peak Performance
  • Azure Rathalos Helm: Earplugs, Focus 2
  • Azure Rathalos Mail: Peak Performance, Earplugs
  • Azure Rathalos Braces: Critical Boost 2
  • Azure Rathalos Coil: Recoil Down, Peak Performance
  • Azure Rathalos Greaves: Earplugs, Critical Boost 2

Peak Performance has questionable use, but Earplugs, Focus, Critical Boost, and Recoil Down are all helpful for certain builds. We’re excited to see what we can do with the Azure Rathalos armor set.

We hope this guide helps you find Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter Now. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Find Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter Now