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Where to Find All Treasure in Pikmin 2

Where to Find All Treasure in Pikmin 2
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After the tumultuous events of Pikmin 1, Captain Olimar finds himself in yet another pickle—the company he works for is drowning in debt! The President of Hocotate Freight sends Olimar and new recruit Louie back to the Pikmin planet in order to secure some hopefully valuable gadgets and gizmos. So, where should we start looking? We can show you where to find all treasure in Pikmin 2.

All treasure locations in Pikmin 2

There are four main areas in Pikmin 2, but unlike Pikmin 1, each area houses underground caves that can be explored for more treasure. The unique thing about these caves is that they are randomly generated, to a certain degree.

Most of the surface-level treasures can be located easily with our maps, but the underground ones are a little more tricky to spot, due to the slightly randomly generated-nature of the caves.

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Since your cave treasure locations are going to be a bit different, we have compiled a general list of where to find all treasures in Pikmin 2, sorted by area and cave. Just keep relying on your Treasure Gauge, as it can help you pinpoint the locations.

Valley of Repose treasures

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The three caves in Valley of Repose are Emergence Cave, Subterranean Complex, and Frontier Cavern.

Emergence CaveSubterranean ComplexFrontier Cavern
Citrus Lump, Quenching Emblem, Spherical AtlasVacuum Processor, Indomitable CPU, Network Mainbrain, Space Wave Receiver, Nouveau Table, Omega Flywheel, Spirit Flogger, Superstrong Stabilizer, Repair Juggernaut, Adamantine Girdle, Exhausted Superstick, Furious Adhesive, Coiled Launcher, Thirst Activator, Stellar OrbJoy Receptacle, Fleeting Art Form, Danger Chime, Spouse Alert, Innocence Lost, Essential Furnishing, Icon of Progress, Essence of Rage, Gemstar Husband, Omniscient Sphere, Flame Tiller, Worthless Statue, Priceless Statue, Brute Knuckles, Repugnant Appendage

Awakening Wood treasures

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The four caves in Awakening Wood are Hole of Beasts, White Flower Garden, Bulblax Kingdom, and Snagret Hole.

Hole of BeastsWhite Flower GardenBulblax KingdomSnagret Hole
Luck Wafer, Strife Monolith, Dream Architect, Stone of Glory, Cosmic Archive, Prototype DetectorToxic Toadstool, Superstick Textile, Petrified Heart, Survival Ointment, Alien Billboard, Drought Ender, Five-man NapsackAnxious Sprout, Colossal Fossil, Olimarnite Shell, Crystal King, Gyroid Bust, Unknown Merit, Eteranl Emerald Eye, Tear Stone, Crystal Clover, Forged CourageCupid’s Grenade, Combustion Berry, Science Project, Meat Satchel, Taste Sensation, Triple Sugar Threat, Leviathan Feather, Heavy-duty Magnetizer, Emperor Whistle, Crystallized Telepathy/Telekinesis/Clairvoyance, Stupendous Lens, Salivatrix, Justice Alloy

Perplexing Pool treasures

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The four caves in Perplexing Pool are Citadel of Spiders, Glutton’s Kitchen, Shower Room, and Submerged Castle.

Citadel of SpidersGlutton’s KitchenShower RoomSubmerged Castle
Love Nugget, King of Sweets, Memorial Shell, Flame of Tomorrow, Time Capsule, Lip Service, Regal Diamond, Paradoxical Enigma, Patience Tester, Creative Inspiration, The KeyMeat of Champions, Hideous Victual, Imperative Cookie, White Goodness, Sweet Dreamer, Invigorator, Master’s Instrument, Harmonic Synthesizer, Director of Destiny, Sulking Antenna, Boom Cone, Massive Lid, Happiness EmblemArboreal Frippery, Scrumptious Shell, Vorpal Platter, Merciless Extractor, Broken Food Master, Sud Generator, Mirrored Stage, Behemoth Jaw, Rubber Ugly, Durable Energy Cell, Endless Repository, Abstract Masterpiece, Pondering Emblem, Amplified AmplifierCompelling Cookie, Bug Bait, Comfort Cookie, Succulent Mattress, Diet Doomer, Pale Passion, Chocolate Cushion, Confection Hoop, Pastry Wheel, Proton AA, Drone Supplies, Activity Arouser, Professional Noisemaker

Wistful Wild treasures

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The three caves in Wistful Wild are Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes, and Dream Den.

Cavern of ChaosHole of HeroesDream Den
Chilf of the Earth, Infernal Vegetable, Growshroom, Impenetrable Cookie, Enamel Buster, Mysterious Remains, Milkt Tub, Princess Pearl, Essence of Despair, Frosty Bauble, Gemstar Wife, Mirth Sphere, Maternal Sculpture, Silencer, Wiggle Noggin, Fuel Reservoir, Fruit GuardCorpulent Nut, Lustrous Element, Dimensional Slicer, Essence of True Love, Joyless Jewel, Love Sphere, Remembered Old Buddy, Fond/Memorable/Lost/Favorite/Treasured Gyro Block, Nutrient SiloDisguised Delicacy, Insect Condo, Possessed Squash, Future Orb, Mirrored Element, Manual Honer, Implement of Toil, Essence of Desire, Universal Com, Extreme Perspirator, Boss Stone, Talisman of Life, Glee Spinner, Stringent Container, Yellow Taste Tyrant, Hypnotic Platter, Shock Therapist, Flare Cannon, Comedy Bomb, Monster Pump, King of Bugs

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Where to Find All Treasure in Pikmin 2