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Where to Find All Ship Parts in Pikmin 1

Our guide shows you where to find all 30 ship parts in Pikmin 1.

After crashing landing on an uncharted planet, Captain Olimar must recover 30 missing parts of his ship, the S.S. Dolphin, before his life-support systems run out. No stress, right? Despite the foreboding premise of Pikmin 1, there is no need to worry, as we can help you find all the missing parts in a timely manner. Let us show you where to find all ship parts in Pikmin 1.

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All ship part locations in Pikmin 1

On the level select screen, you can see how many parts are remaining in an area by looking in the bottom right corner. With that said, do not bother going back to old areas until you unlock both the Yellow and Blue Pikmin, as you need them to find all the ship parts.

The Impact Site

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Two ship parts are here, and the first one is automatically obtained as a story event. You cannot get the west ship part until you have Yellow and Blue Pikmin, as you need to use bomb rocks to break open the wall and cross some water.

The Forest of Hope

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It is a good idea to get the Whimsical Radar first, as this enables your monitor map, which lets you see the locations of all nearby ship parts, marked with a white star. We have marked the Whimsical Radar with a red star.

The Forest Navel

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You unlock the Blue Pikmin here, so it is a good idea to reach The Forest Navel before you revisit any of the older areas, as many of the parts in earlier areas are blocked off by water that only Blue Pikmin can cross.

Note that one of the ship parts is actually inside a Bread Bug that wanders throughout the middle area. You will have to take it down to get the part within.

The Distant Spring

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The ship part in the very center of The Distant Spring is inside the Armored Cannon Beetle. To defeat it, you need to block its frontal blowhole by throwing a Pikmin at it. This causes it to overheat, exposing its weak backside.

The Final Trial

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Once you get 29 ship parts, The Final Trial unlocks. There is only one ship part to acquire here, and it is inside the final boss of the game, the Emperor Bulblax! He is a mighty beast, and you need to use all the tactics you have learned thus far to take him down.

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Where to Find All Ship Parts in Pikmin 1