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Where to Find All Rings in Remnant 2 – Location Guide

Learn where to find all rings in Remnant 2 with this straightforward location guide.

Remnant 2 might as well be called The Lord of the Rings just based on how many rings you can find in the game. Not all of them are equally useful, and some are definitely more difficult to obtain than others. On the other hand, some can really make a difference in your playthrough and are worth the trouble.

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In this location guide, we bring you the info on where to find all rings in Remnant 2. To avoid wasting your time on lesser rings, you can check out the table below for the effects of every ring and its location in the game.

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Where to Find All Rings in Remnant 2

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The good news for all the fans of the first Remnant game is that, in Remnant 2, you can equip four instead of just two rings. Considering that some of these rings have amazing buffs, you should explore the table below in detail and see what the best options and combinations are as you explore each area.

Some rings can be found as random drops in the world. You can buy others from Reggie and Cass, obtain them by completing various quests and events, or get them as loot after defeating certain bosses. Without further ado, here are all the rings in Remnant 2 and where to find them.

Acid StoneWard 13 (buy from Reggie)Boosts ACID damage by 10% and ACID Resistance by 15%
Ahanae CrystalReggie (but only after defeating any Yaesha world boss in Hardcore mode)Deal 5% additional damage for each Status Effect the target is afflicted by
Akari War BandBuy from CassPerfect Dodges increase Critical Damage by 15% for 15s and Critical Chance by 15%
Alchemy StoneLosomn (Ironborough)Boosts base Lifesteal by 5% while affected by a negative STATUS or BLIGHT Effect
Alumni RingLosomn (Morrow Perish), on a tomb outside of the AsylumBoosts all Elemental damage dealt by 10%
Amber MoonstoneBuy from CassIf your Health drops below 30%, all incoming damage is reduced by 25%, and you become immune to Temporary Status Effects
Anastasija’s InspirationRoot Earth or bought from Whispers (Ward 13)While receiving healing effects, gain HASTE for 10s
Archer’s CrestYaesha (Endaira’s End)Boosts Projectile Speed by 20% and reduces Weapon Charge Time by 25%
Assassin’s SealLosomn (Council Tribunal)Decreases enemy’s Awareness Range by 25% and boosts all damage dealt to enemies not targeting the wearer by 10%
Band BandYaesha (Endaira’s End) – the reward for completing the Wind Tower puzzleBumps up the Speed of Revive and reduces Downed Health and Downed Movement Speed by 100%
Band of AccordReggie (after using the High Five emote in co-op)Ammo acquired on pickup is increased by 25% per ally also wearing this ring and is shared with other allies
Berserker’s CrestYaesha (The Chimney)Boosts Melee Charge Speed by 20% and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25%
Bisected RingThe Labyrinth (Labyrinth Backrooms)Gain Infinite Stamina, but all damage received is increased by 25%
Black Cat BandReggie (after dying 15 times)In cases of fatal damage, instead of dying, your Health drops to 1, and Movement Speed increases by 25% for 10s (2m cooldown)
Black Pawn StampLosomn (you need to finish The Flames Event by using only Blue Flames)Reduces Cooldowns of Skills by 10%
Blackout RingN’Erud (Vault of the Formless)After dealing 20% of the Weapon’s Total Magazine base damage, boosts Reload Speed by 3% (stacks 5x cleared on reload)
Blasting Cap RingN’Erud (Timeless Horizon)Boosts Explosive Damage by 10%
Blessed RingCassAfter receiving a benefit from a Relic, get 2 Stacks of BULWARK for 15s
Blood JewelYaesha (The Forbidden Grove)Charged Melee Attacks cause BLEEDING, dealing 460 BLEED damage over 20s
Blood Tinged RingYaesha (The Lament)Get 2 Health Regeneration per second when within 10m of a BLEEDING entity
Booster RingLosomn (Council Chamber)Boosts all Status Resistances by 10
Braided ThornsCassAfter a kill, get 15% increased Critical Chance for 10s
Bright Steel RingReggie (after completing 15 Biomes)Gives you the fastest evade roll regardless of your Armor Encumbrance
Burden of the AudaciousCassDecreases all healing by 75%. Perfect Dodges heal for 15% of Max Health
Burden of the DestroyerCassReduces Ideal Range of all Firearms by 25% and boosts all damage dealt by 15%
Burden of the DivineLosomn (random drop)All damage dealt reduced by 10%, and 50% of self-healing applies to allies
Burden of the FollowerYaesha (Endaira’s End, hidden room)Decreases Fire Rate by 15% and boosts Mod Power Generation by 50%
Burden of the GamblerCass (Ward 13)Disables Weakspots and boosts Critical Chance by 10% and Critical Damage by 20%
Burden of the MarinerN’Erud (Ascension Spire)Boosts Skill Cooldowns by 25% and generates 10% additional Mod Power for each Skill on Cooldown
Burden of the RebelYaesha (The Great Bole, the reward from the Empress if given Thaen Seed)Decreases Skill Cooldowns by 15% but also reduces Relic Use Speed by 25%
Burden of the StargazerN’Erud (Tower of the Unseen, random drop)Decreases Skill Cooldowns by 15% (Using a Skill costs 15% Health)
Burden of the WarlockLosomn (random drop)Decreases Mod Power Requirement by 15% (activating a Mod costs 15% Health as Grey Health; activation cannot kill the user)
Captain’s InsigniaYaesha (Endaira’s End, co-op only)Boosts Revive Speed and Relic Consume Speed by 25% per downed or dead ally (max 2 stacks)
Cataloger’s JewelLosomn (Beatific Palace)Automatically generates 8 Mod Power per second
Celerity StoneYaesha (The Lament)Boosts Consumable and Relic Use Speed by 20%
Compulsion LoopCassAfter killing an enemy, gain 5% Fire Rate and Melee Attack Speed for 7s (it can stack three times)
Conservation SealN’Erud (Vault of the Formless)Gain 3% chance to not consume Relic and 5% increased Relic Efficacy on next use for every 10% of Health missing (max 50%)
Constant Variable RingN’Erud (Tower of the Unseen)Boosts Ranged Damage up to 20% based on the current Weapon’s Overheat value
Dead King’s MementoRoot EarthBoosts Health by 15
Deceiver’s BandCassGet 15% Evade Speed and 10% Movement Speed for 12s after performing a Slide
Deep Pocket RingN’Erud (random drop)Boosts Ammo Reserves by 25%
Defensive Action LoopN’Erud (Astropath’s Respite)Incoming damage is reduced by 10% while reloading and for 3s after reloading completes
Dense Silicon RingThe Labyrinth Get 200% of Health Regenerated as Mod Power
Devoured LoopReggie (after completing the campaign on Apocalypse)Critical Hits have 1% chance to reset Skill Cooldowns (can occur once every 10s) and boosts all incoming damage by 10%
Drakestone PearlLosomnAllows for Stamina Regeneration during Melee Attacks at 20% of the normal rate
Dran MementoLosomn (if you save the hanging man in The Burning Event)Boosts Max Stamina by 20 and reduces Encumbrance by 5
Dread FontLosomnBoosts Grey Health Regeneration rate by 2 per second
Dying EmberRoot Earth (Ashen Wasteland)Get 5% of Base Melee Damage dealt as Lifesteal
Embrace of Sha’HalaN’Erud (from the Custodian after defeating Sha’Hala)Get 5% incoming damage reduction for each Negative Status Effect or Blight you are suffering from (max 4 stacks)
Encrypted RingThe Labyrinth Using a Mod regenerates 10% of max HP over 10s; if you reapply, it boosts duration up to 30s
Endaira’s Endless LoopYaesha (Endaira’s End)Sprint for 2s and get 1.5 Health Regeneration per second until you stop sprinting
Excess CoilN’Erud (Robot Hanger event)Activating a Skill grants a SHIELD for 25% of Max Health for 10s
Fae Bruiser RingLosomnDealing Melee Damage grants 2 Stack of BULWARK for 7s
Fae Hunter RingLosomnBoosts Range of Firearms by 30%
Fae Protector SignetLosomn (Council Chamber; face the Council during the Fae Council Event)Boosts Max Health and Stamina by 10 and decreases Encumbrance by 5
Fae Shaman RingLosomn (Council Chamber)Boosts Health Regeneration by 0.25 and Relic Use Speed by 25%
Fae Warrior RingLosomn (Ironborough)Boosts Melee Damage by 15%
Faelin’s SigilLosomn (Beatific Gallery; if you kill Faerin and report to Faelin)Melee Damage adds 10% additional Mod Power
Faerin’s SigilLosomn (Malefic Gallery; if you kill Faelin and report to Faerin)Critical and Weakspot Hits add 10% additional Mod Power
Feastmaster’s SignetLosomn (The Great Hall, small room behind the bonfire)Boosts active Concoction Limit by 1
Feedback LoopN’ErudPerfect Dodge triggers a 3m AoE blast dealing 115 SHOCK Damage and applying OVERLOADED
Fire StoneLosomn or buy from Reggie in Ward 13Boosts FIRE Damage by 10% and FIRE Resistance by 15
Flyweight’s StingRoot Earth (Corrupted Harbor Checkpoint)Boosts Melee Damage while Armor Encumbrance is below 50; the damage bonus rises with lower Encumbrance, up to 25% at 0 Weight
Focused JewelN’ErudContinuously Aiming Down Sights decreases Recoil by 25% and slowly reduces Spread up to 35% over 3.5s
Frivolous BandYaesha (The Forbidden Grove; from Bedel of the Vaunt – choose Maybe when asked about The Doe)Boosts Evade Speed by 10%; Perfect Evades boost Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Speed by 10% for 10s
Galvanized Resupply BandN’Erud (finish the Supply Ship Event)Boosts Ammo Pickups by 50%
Game Master’s PrideLosomn (Postulant’s Parlor; co-op)Decreases all healing by 50% and splits all damage and remaining healing evenly among all allies wearing this ring
Generating BandN’Erud (The Flooded Room)Regenerates 3% of Max Health per second while a Shield is active
Grounding StoneLosomn or Reggie (Ward 13)Boosts SHOCK damage by 10% and SHOCK Resistance by 15
Guardian’s RingYaesha (The Nameless Nest)Adds 1 Stack of BULWARK when you’re within 7m of an enemy (increases to 2 Stacks for 10s after taking Melee Damage)
Gunslinger’s RingWard 13 (exhaust all of Mudtooth’s stories)Boosts Firearm Swap Speed by 30% and Reload Speed by 10%
Hardcore Metal BandN’Erud (random drop)Taking damage adds one stack of BULWARK, which individually falls off after 10s
Hardened CoilYaesha (Forgotten Field)Decreases all incoming damage by 3% for each 10% missing Health (max 15% reduction)
Haymaker’s RingRoot Earth (Ashen Wasteland)Boosts Melee Damage by 0.2% for every 1 point of Armor Encumbrance
Heart of the WolfYaesha (random drop)Boosts Max Stamina by 25 and Movement Speed by 10%
Hex WardCraft in Nimue’s RetreatPrevents CURSE Blight
Kinetic Cycle StoneRoot Earth (Corrupted Harbor)Boosts Mod and Skill Cast Speed by 20%
Lithic SignetYaesha (The Lament – The Twisted Chantry)Decreases all incoming damage by 5%
Lodestone RingFrom Bedel of the Vaunnt (after defeating the Ravager and if wearing the Lodestone Crown)Boosts all damage dealt against illuminated enemies by 5%
Low Yield Recovery RingN’Erud – Astropath’s RespíteDefeating an enemy regenerates 5% of Max Health during 5s; additional kills increase the duration by 5s (max 30s)
Mechanic’s CogCassWhile carrying an Engineer Heavy Weapon, gives 15% Movement Speed and 1 stack of BULWARK
Metal DriverN’Erud (Vault of the Formless)Killing Blows increase Reload Speed by 5% for 7s. Stacks 3x
Meteorite Shard RingN’Erud or craft at Drzyr ReplicatorBoosts Encumbrance by 50 and Unarmed Damage by 50%
MicrocompressorN’Erud or craft at Drzyr ReplicatorDecreases Heat Generation when firing weapons that Overheat by -30% and boosts Heat Reduction Rate by 30%
Momentum DriverN’ErudAfter Sprinting for 2s, Movement Speed gets boosted by 15% and Stagger Level decreased by 1
Outcast RingLosomn (Man in the Sewers event if you give him the Spirit Wisp Amulet)Boosts Reload Speed by 5% for 15s after reloading (stacks 5x)
Point Focus RingN’Erud (random drop)Decreases Initial Spread and Recoil by 35%
Power SaverN’ErudYou gain a 25% chance to not use a Relic Charge at Max Health
Probability CordRoot Earth (Corrupted Harbor)Boosts Crit Damage by 30%
Propulsion LoopN’ErudAfter defeating an enemy, boosts Movement Speed by 5% and Consumable Use Speed by 10% for 10s (stacks 3x)
Provisioner RingReggie (after beating the Labyrinth Sentinel in Hardcore mode)Firearms reload over time when stowed
Reaping StoneRoot Earth (Ashen Wasteland)After an Elemental Status Effect is removed from the wearer, they become resistant to all Elemental Status Effects and get 2% of Base Damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10s
Rerouting CableN’Erud (Vault of the Formless)Get 5% of Max Health as a SHIELD for 5s after spending 25 Stamina; accumulation resets after 5s of being inactive (max 50% SHIELD)
Reserve Boosting GemN’Erud (The Hatchery)Boosts Health Regeneration by 0.333 per second; 1s after going below 50% Health, boosts regeneration value to 2 per second until 50% Health is restored
Restriction CordYaesha (Bedel of the Vaunnt)Limits the wearer from Healing above 50% of their Max Health and decreases all incoming damage by 10%
Ring of CrisisN’Erud (The Hatchery)When your Health goes below 25%, you get a Shield for 25% of Max Health which lasts 10s
Ring of DeflectionN’ErudDirect Damage against the wearer has a 20% Chance of being converted entirely to Grey Health
Ring of DiversionYaesha (The Lament; the tomb behind the floating pillar trap)Boosts the invulnerability window while evading and sliding
Ring of Flawed BeautyCassRanged Weakspot Damage is boosted by 25%, and Ranged Damage is decreased by 15% when failing to hit a Weakspot
Ring of GraceLosomn (Harvester’s Reach; complete Riewen’s request)Taking enemy damage causes 10% of Maximum Health to regenerate over 10s
Ring of OmensYaesha (Cathedral of Omens; after solving the Blood Moon puzzle, under a red trap door on the ground – only during a Blood Moon)Evades consume 15% Max Health as Grey Health instead of Stamina
Ring of RestockingN’Erud (random drop)Reloads within 1.5s of a Critical Hit or Weakspot Kill are 20% quicker
Ring of RetributionLosomnIncoming enemy damage boosts Reload Speed and all outgoing damage by 10% for 15s
Ring of the DamnedLosomn (The Great Sewers)Boosts all damage dealt by 10% while Grey Health is present
Ring of the Forest SpiritYaesha (The Forbidden Grove or The Forgotten Field as a random drop)Relic Healing Effectiveness is boosted by 15%
Ring of the RobustLosomnBoosts Max Health by 10 and Armor Effectiveness by 15
Rock of AnguishCassGet 5% Movement Speed and 7.5% Reload Speed for every 25% of Max Health missing
RotwardYaesha (from Bedel of the Vaunnt)Prevents ROOT ROT Blight
Rusted HeirloomLosomn sewers (the locked safe in a hidden room)Gives two Stacks of BULWARK below 50% Max HP
SagestoneYaesha (The Lament or The Twisted Chantry)Boosts earned Experience by 10%
Sapphire DreamstoneLosomn (Council Chamber; the secret path)Critical Hits reduce Skill Cooldowns by 3%, which can only happen once every 2s
Seal of the EmpressYaesha (The Red Throne; given by The Eternal Empress if you don’t give her the Thaen Seed)Boosts Max Health by 20 and decreases Max Stamina by 10
Shard Banded RingThe Labyrinth Boosts Mod Damage by 12%
Shiny Hog LureLosomn (Butcher’s Quarter)Reloading gives 25-30 Mod Power to both weapons based on the percentage of Magazine reloaded
Singed RingLosomn (the secret passage)Boosts all damage dealt to BURNING enemies by 10%
Slayer’s CrestYaesha (The Nameless Nest)Boosts Melee Damage by 25% when attacking enemies from behind
Soul GuardYaesha or craft at Bloodmoon AltarGet a BULWARK stack for each active Summon
Soul LinkYaesha (The Withering Weald – The Nameless Nest)Summons Lifesteal 5% of the Base Damage dealt, which then returns to the wearer as Health
Spirit StoneYaesha (The Twisted Chantry)Boosts Mod Power generation by 10%
Stockpile ChargerLosomn (random drop)Boosts the damage of a specific Ammo Type by 13% for 20s after picking up ammo
Stone of BalanceYaesha (random drop)Boosts all damage by 7%
Stone of ContinuanceN’Erud (Tower of the Unseen; random drop)Boosts Skill Duration by 25%
Stone of ExpanseN’ErudBoosts Ranged Damage by 12% and decreases all other damage dealt by 6%
Stone of MalevolenceLosomn (random drop)Elemental Status Damage gives 15% additional Mod Power
Stream CouplerLosomn (Cotton’s Kiln, random drop)Using a Skill regenerates 10% of Max Health during 5s
Subterfuge LinkN’ErudAfter defeating an enemy, boosts the Cast Speed of the next Mod or Skill Cast by 35% for 15s or until consumed
Suppression WardN’Erud or craft at Drzyr ReplicatorPrevents SUPPRESSION Blight
Targeting JewelN’ErudBoosts Range on all Firearms by 4m and decreases Spread by 15%
Tarnished RingWard 13 (from the man in bed above the armor merchant)Boosts the damage of Unarmed Attacks by 30%
Tear of KaeulaYaesha (Kaeula’s Rest)Boosts Relic capacity by 2 while equipped
Tempest ConduitYaesha (Endaira’s End)After suffering from Elemental Damage, boosts all damage dealt by 10% and Resistance to the received Element by 20 for 20s
Tightly Wound CoilN’Erud (Void Vessel Facility)When spending 75% or more of the current magazine, gain a SHIELD of 10% of Max Health for 5s (does not stack with itself)
Timekeeper’s JewelLosomn (the top of the Hewdas Clock)Boosts the duration of all Status Effects applied by the wearer (durations vary per status)
Tomb Dweller’s RingYaesha (The Lament, behind the hidden passage)Boosts Movement Speed by 10% for 7s after Vaulting, Climbing, Leaping, and entering Water (stacks 1x) and decreases Fall Damage by 25%
Vacuum SealN’Erud (Tower of the Unseen)Boosts Automatic Pickup Range for Scrap by 100% (picking up Scrap, Iron, or Ammo grants a SHIELD for 10% of Max Health for 10s; does not stack)
Vestige of PowerYaesha (The Chimney – Faithless Thicket)Boosts Ranged and Melee Damage by 10% after 7s of not being damaged
Wax Sealed RingYaesha (The Far Woods)Killing blows boost Ranged and Melee Damage by 4% for 15s (stacks 3x)
White Pawn StampLosomn (complete The Flames Event using only the White Flames)Decreases Mod Power Requirement by 10%
Wind Hollow CircletYaesha (Endaira’s End)Boosts Reload Speed by 12%
Worn Admiral’s RingReggie (Ward 13)All damage received is boosted by 200%, and all damage dealt is increased by 10%
Zania’s MaliceRoot Earth (Ashen Wasteland)Boosts Weakspot Damage by 10% for 7s (stacks 3x)
Zohee’s RingYaesha (Red Throne, from Queen’s Assistant after beating the Corruptor, if you triggered the Arrest event)Boosts Mod Duration by 15%

And that concludes the list of all the rings in Remnant 2, their locations, and effects. If you need more assistance with this game, check out more of our guides in the dedicated Remnant 2 section here on TouchTapPlay.

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Where to Find All Rings in Remnant 2 – Location Guide