Where to Find All Baby Animals in Conan Exiles


Conan Exiles is an open world online survival game by Funcom for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Inspired by Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles as players attempt to survive through the Hyborian Age, a fictional prehistoric time. With so much to do and so many places to explore it is best to have a companion at your side and this is where pets can help. Players can capture animals as babies in the wild and raise them as pet companions.

We will show you here where to find all baby animals in Conan Exiles.

How to Obtain Animals in Conan Exiles

Animals can be raised to act as a pet to travel by your side, or to defend your homestead. There are a few ways to get a baby animal in Conan Exiles: capture, purchase, loot, sacrifice, craft. Baby animals can be captured from the wild in and around the Exiled Lands or the Isle of Siptah, or grabbed as eggs which can then be hatched in the Inventory or Compost Heap, and the animal is then tamed.

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Animals in Conan Exiles
Baby AnimalLocation
Aardwolf CubIsle of Siptah
Antediluvian Elephant CalfIsle of Siptah
Bear CubTundra
Boar ShoatTundra
Camel CalfThe Den
Crested Lacerta HatchlingIsle of Siptah
Crocodile HatchlineDesert
Elephant CalfSavannah
Elephant Calf (Mammoth)Savannah
Fawn (Gazelle)Savannah
Foal (Horse)Tundra & Highlands
Gorilla InfantJungle
Island Lynx CubIsle of Siptah
Jaguar CubSavannah
Jungleclaw CubIsle of Siptah
Komodo HatchlingJungle
Lion CubSavannah
Locust SpawnFlotsam & Dagon’s Embrace
Mountain Lion CubIsle of Siptah
Ostrich ChickDesert
Panther CubJungle
PebblenoseThe Den
Rhino CalfSavannah
Sabretooth KittenSnow & Tundra
Salamander HatchlingJungle
Scorpion HatchlingThe Scorpion Den
Shaggai LarvaeIsle of Siptah
Shaleback HatchlingRiver & Savannah
Shoebill ChickFlotsam
Siptah Pelican ChickIsle of Siptah
Siptah Rhino CalfIsle of Siptah
Spotted Hyena WhelpDesert
Striped Hyena WhelpDesert
Tiger CubJungle & Savannah
Turtle HatchlingIsle of Siptah
Tuskbeast CalfIsle of Siptah
Wolf CubHighlands

Those are all of the locations of each baby animal, which includes any variation such as a ‘Greater’ version. For more hints and tips on Conan Exiles visit our guide section.

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Where to Find All Baby Animals in Conan Exiles


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