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How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles

How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles
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Bark is one of the resources you can find in Conan Exile but only if you know where to look. Gathering any kind of resources in this game is not necessarily easy so you should do your research beforehand for the maximum yield.

In this guide, we will show you all the ways how to get bark in Conan Exiles and what to use it for, so let’s dive in!

How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles—Chop Trees

Bark comes from trees in real life, and the same goes for Conan Exiles. However, there are differences. You cannot expect to get bark if you just chop trees with an axe. You will need to equip a pick or a pickaxe and know which trees to hit.

Bark won’t drop always and from every type of tree. You should look for bleached, dead trees and logs scattered across the desert. You will most likely get it in combination with some wood. If you don’t get any bark, keep hitting other trees. You can improve your chances of obtaining this resource by getting a better pickaxe, but that will have to wait until later in the game when you can get an obsidian or star metal pickaxe.

How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles—Use a Carpenter’s Bench

It is also possible to get bark by using any carpenter’s bench. You will collect 10x wood and remove the bark from it. Still, for every 10 pieces of wood you use, you will get only one unit of bark, which is not very practical. Crafting time for getting bark from a carpenter’s bench is 10 seconds, and you will gain 10 experience points in the process.

Image via Funcom

How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles—Loot Everything

Attacking enemy settlements and looting their possessions can be a good source of bark in Conan Exiles. You are meant to find other resources and items as you work your way through the enemy’s camp, but you have to decide if battle risks are worth the loot.

What to Use Bark for in Conan Exiles

Bark is a great fuel source because it burns much longer than wood. This is particularly useful when powering up tanneries and dryers. You will also need 50x bark if you want to build a tannery.

Now you know how to get bark in Conan Exiles—we recommend using the first method, but you are free to go for any other option that seems more suitable for you. For more useful guides, check out more articles in our Conan Exiles section on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles


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