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Where to Find a Noirsoul Herb in MIR4

Where to Find a Noirsoul Herb in MIR4
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MIR4 has a large number of resources that are used to craft or upgrade equipment. But there are also resources to help make your character stronger. Noirsoul Herb is such an ingredient, and in this guide, we will tell you where to find it.

Where to Find a Noirsoul Herb

Noirsoul Herb is used as one of two ingredients for Solitude Training. This system opens after level 70 and only at level 120 will you fully unlock it. It allows you to increase certain stats of your character, for example, boosting an attack on the boss, reducing damage from a boss or monsters, mining speed, etc.

But let’s move on to Noirsoul Herb. You can find it in many places. Bypassing the Request you can get 16 Noirsoul Herbs, namely in Redmoon Valley, Abandon Mine Labyrinth, Snake Valley, and Heavens Way Labyrinth.

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Another good way to farm Noirsoul Herb is Hunting. In places like Heavens Way Labyrinth, Snake Valley Secret Passage, and Abandon Mine Labyrinth, Herb will drop from monsters. You can get it not only from Bosses and Elite monsters but from ordinary ones as well.

Secret Peak is also rich in this resource. You need to farm from 3 F to 6 F, and Noirsoul Herb is more likely to drop from large monsters.

You will also receive Herb as 1st Clear Rewards, namely for passing the Clan Challenge of the first and second levels after the last boss.

These are the best ways to get Noirsoul Herb, and it may soon be available to buy from traders.

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Where to Find a Noirsoul Herb in MIR4


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