Where to Find A Knight In Shining Armor Location – Lost Ark Guide


Lost Ark is an MMO RPG from Tripod Studio. Players can explore the vast world of Arkesia, battling demons and fearsome bosses across hundreds of islands, choosing from different fighting styles and warrior classes. There are Hidden Stories to discover, one of which is A Knight in Shining Armor. Find out below where to find A Knight in Shining Armor location – Lost Ark guide.

A Knight in Shining Armor Hidden Story Location – Lost Ark

A Knight in Shining Armor is one of the more difficult Hidden Stories, and comes in 3 parts with time restrictions to completing them. As you will have to work quickly, you may find it useful to check out the information below to complete the story in the right amount of time. All locations for this story are in the Rethramis region.

Knight in Shining Armor Location 1 – Loghill

Traveler’s Nook – Loghill Area (via WoW Quests)

For the first part, travel to the Loghill area and make your way north to the Traveler’s Nook, located at a crossroad. Slightly north of Traveler’s Nook is some old wooden fences where horses can be tied up. Find the rope here and investigate. That is the first part complete!

Knight in Shining Armor Location 2 – Ankumo Mountain

Ankumo Mountain Region (via WoW Quests)

This second part requires players to travel north along the road from Loghill to Ankumo Mountain. As you enter the Ankumo Mountain region and turn left, you will come across some sickly villagers talking about how terrible the plague is. Investigate the trees they are stood near, and that is the second part complete.

Knight in Shining Armor Location 3 – Rethramis Border

Rethramis Border Region (via WoW Quests)

The third and final part sends us to the Rethramis Border area to investigate the “wounded soldiers’ mentioned in the letter. Travel southeast of the Regria Monastery to find the makeshift infirmary. A few plague patients are sat about outside near boxes, and behind them are some rocks to investigate. Once you have investigated the final place, that is this story finished!

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So that is everything you need to know about the Knight in Shining Armor Hidden Story in Lost Ark. If you need to see more, check out the full video below.

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Where to Find A Knight In Shining Armor Location – Lost Ark Guide


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