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Lost Ark: How to Get Song of Temptation

Lost Ark: How to Get Song of Temptation

Song of Temptation is one of the many songs you can obtain in Lost Ark to increase your Rapport, which plays a significant role in the game. While most of the songs in the game are obtained from quests and activities that are hard to miss, the Song of Temptation is tied to a particular continent’s progression. Seeing that, we are here to guide players on how to get the Song of Temptation in Lost Ark. 

How To Get Song Of Temptation In Lost Ark

You can get the Song of Temptation in Lost Ark by progressing your Yudia Continent exploration to 50%, which you can track using the Adventurer’s Tome. Once you have reached 50% in the Yudia section of the Tome, you can claim the Song of Temptation directly from the same page or use the Claim All button to claim every reward. 

After you have the Song of Temptation, you can go to your inventory and right-click on it to learn the song. You can use the Song of Temptation to boost your Rapport with certain NPCs in Arkesia. And in case you are new to the game, “Rapport” allows you to befriend certain NPCs and receive rewards at particular friendship stages.

How To Reach Yudia Adventurer Tome 50% In Lost Ark

You can progress the Yudia section of the Adventurer Tome to 50% by performing activities and exploring the Yudia content. Unlocking new fast travel points, examining vistas, opening chests, and completing Dungeons, quests, and other things will progress the Adventurer’s Tome fast. 

In short, doing anything in the Yudia continent, apart from just walking around, will add to the Adventurer’s Tome progression for the Yudia section. 

Where Is Yudia Continent Located In Lost Ark 

Yudia is the southmost continent in Lost Ark. Here is a map screenshot that shares a better look at Yudia. 

How To Reach Yudia In Lost Ark

To reach Yudia in Lost Ark, you must complete specific prerequisites. These are:

  • Complete the Adventurer’s Tome of Rethramis
  • Collect all Mokoko Seeds found around Rethramis 
  • Have +50 kindness virtues in Rapport quests

Once you are done with the above checklists, go to the northern border of Rethramis, near the Border Post, you will come across the portal that will lead you to Yudia. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to get Song of Temptation in Lost Ark. 

Lost Ark is an action roleplaying MMO currently available on the PC platform and a few others (macOS, iOS, Android, Nvidia Shield) via GeForce Now cloud service. 

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Lost Ark: How to Get Song of Temptation


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