Where to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe


Warframe is one of the best and most successful free-to-play shooters that you can find in the modern game industry. There you will be able to operate a futuristic walking weapon called Warframe. The game has a huge roster of Warframes, their weapons, and other upgrades that you can use on them. In order to obtain these items, you will need to complete different missions and farm some ingredients for crafting. One of the most problematic materials is called Argon Crystal and this guide will tell you where to farm it in Warframe.

Where to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe

There are lots of different materials that you can use to craft items in Warframe. One of the most problematic materials to work with is called Argon Crystals. This resource is rare and has a unique trait. Argon Crystals are materials from the Void and when you get them out of it they start to decay. So, you should use these crystals as fast as possible before they disappear from your inventory.

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Argon Crystals are problematic things to work with. You can’t simply accumulate them in your inventory as they always decay. So, if you need to craft something with Argon Crystals you will need to farm them.

In order to get Argon Crystals, you will have to go to the Void. There you can find this resource in special deposits. Also, these crystals can be obtained as a reward for killing some opponents. So, here is the list of all locations where you can farm Argon Crystals in Warframe:

  • Void – Hepit
  • Void – Teshub
  • Void – Ani
  • Void – Stribog
  • Void – Oxomoco
  • Void – Ukko
  • Void – Mot
  • Void – Marduk

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Where to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe


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