Where is the New Egg in Adopt Me? – Answered


The popular Roblox game Adopt Me allows players to purchase and adopt many different animals as pets. These pets can be obtained through eggs, some of which are free, some cost Bucks (in game currency), and others are gained after reaching a certain level in the game. There are currently (as of July 2022) around 20 eggs in the game and one has been added recently. Follow this guide to find out where is the new egg in Adopt Me? – Answered!

Obtaining the New Egg in Adopt Me

Eggs come in a variety of rarities and give different animal pets. They can also be obtained in various ways, mainly through purchases. The latest addition to the egg list is the Retired Egg. This particular egg was added in July 2022, and costs 600 Bucks.

The Retired egg is a cream-coloured rare variety egg and is found in the V.I.P room inside the Nursery. Players can get one of these new eggs through a purchase costing 600 Bucks, or through trading with another player.

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Retired_Egg_on_display adopt me
The Retired Egg on Display in Adopt Me (via Roblox)

The Retired egg looks like an old man, with white moustache, gray glasses and a cane! This egg has the following pets available (shown with the rarity level and chance of obtaining it):

RarityPet% Chance
UncommonChocolate Labrador35%
UncommonFennec Fox35%
UncommonSnow Cat35%
RareSnow Puma27%
Ultra RareRed Panda15%
Ultra RareShiba Inu15%
LegendaryDragon 3%

That is all you need to know about the new egg in Adopt Me! We hope that has guided you to find this egg, and get your perfect pet. Next maybe find out about all the available eggs and how to get them. Good luck.

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Where is the New Egg in Adopt Me? – Answered


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