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Where is the All Seeing Eye in Remnant 2

Learn where to find the all-seeing eye on N'Erund in Remnant 2.

Upon reaching the massive artificial world ship that is N’Erud in Remnant 2, a mysterious voice trapped within a glass chamber asks you to seek out special artifacts to help rebuild the ship. Your first objective is to find a Soul Spark Cylinder, then you are supposed to find the “all-seeing eye”. This quest line can be a little confusing, so we are here to show you where the all-seeing eye is in Remnant 2.

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Where to find the all-seeing eye in Remnant 2

Opening your map and checking your objectives will reveal that the all-seeing eye is located within a place known as the Astropath’s temple. So, your next goal is to wander around the fields of N’Erud until you find the Astropath’s Respite dungeon.

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Due to the randomly generated nature of Remnant 2, the location of Astropath’s Respite for you is probably not going to be the same as ours. But, if you need some kind of reference anyway, the dungeon was located around here for us:

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Once you are inside Astropath’s Respite, fight your way to the end to find a massive hologram of a purple circle. There should be an elevator nearby that leads up, so take it to find a small pod you can hop into. The pod takes you back down to the hologram, at which point the Astropath boss appears.

The Astropath behaves similarly to the Dryzr ghosts that spawn randomly out in N’Erud, but watch out when it moves to the center of the arena, as it unleashes powerful attacks. The first attack is an orange wave that must be rolled through, and the other attack is a large area attack that targets cones throughout the arena. Stay out of the cones to avoid the attack.

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After defeating The Astropath, a red locked door opens. You do not have to explore it, but you can if you want some extra loot. Whenever you are ready, head back to Tal’Ratha’s Refuge/Forgotten Prison. You must take the alternate entrance to get to the correct chamber, which is located on N’Erud as a massive, glowing gate. You can’t miss it!

Once you are in, walk close to the glass window and the voice talks to you once more. You now have everything to need, so the way into the Forgotten Prison’s central chamber is now open, and you can finally meet with Tal Ratha.

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Where is the All Seeing Eye in Remnant 2