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Can You Name Your Dog in Remnant 2?

Can You Name Your Dog in Remnant 2?

If you have chosen the Handler as your starting class in Remnant 2 and you’re wondering how to change your dog’s name in the game, this guide should help you. For players who don’t know, the Handler is a solo-play-friendly class in Remnant 2 whose ability revolves around using a dog companion for offensive and defensive purposes. That said, keep reading our guide as we discuss whether you can name your dog in Remnant 2

Can you name your dog in Remnant 2?

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Unfortunately, the short answer is no, you cannot name your dog in Remnant 2. Whenever you choose the Handler class or use it as a sub-class, the dog’s name will be displayed as “Dog” with no features to change the name or customize the dog’s look in any form. 

Seeing the initial response from the community and the fact that almost every player wants to give their plus one a unique name, though, Gunfire Games may add a dog name change feature down the line. But as of the time of writing, as we mentioned earlier, you cannot change your dog’s name in Remnant 2. 

If you are playing as a Handler, the dog appears as a party member, and you can command him to serve different roles, whether tanking attacks, going offensive, or healing a downed team member or yourself. 

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That said, the Handler class is available in Remnant 2 from the get-go as soon as you enter Ward 13 and talk to Wallace, whom you can find in one of the makeshift rooms on the docks made using a shipping container. 

If you don’t choose Handler as your primary class, you can buy the Old Whistle item in exchange for Scraps from Mudtooth and take it to Wallace to turn it into an Engram that you can equip to use the Handler as a subclass. 

That concludes our guide on can you name your dog in Remnant 2. Check out our dedicated guides section for more on this and other games. 

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Can You Name Your Dog in Remnant 2?