Susamaru is one of the bosses in Project Slayers, an action-adventure game on the Roblox platform inspired by the famous Manga and Anime series Demon Slayers by author Koyoharu Gotouge. You have to kill him to obtain a high-level demon art and progress on the Demon Slayer path. And this is why we have many players who want to know where is Susamaru in Project Slayers. 

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So, they can kill him and progress on the Demon Slayer path while obtaining the last move of the Temari demon art. 

Where is Susamaru in Project Slayers?

In Project Slayers, once you have progressed to game to a certain point, you can find the boss Susamaru near Ouwbayashi Home, left of the Yahaba boss. The Ouwbayashi Home is a deserted mansion where Susamaru resides.

You can reach there by heading west from the Butterfly Mansion location. If you are having trouble finding the Ouwbayashi Home or the Butterfly Mansion, check the above map screenshot. 

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Since Susamaru is a demon, you will find him only during the night. Since only Nezuko can survive in the sunlight, despite being a demon, almost all other bosses in Project Slayers are found during the night only. 

Susamaru is a powerful demon. So, before you start your fight with him, make sure you have well-equipped gear and are used to your abilities. Also! Keep in mind that Susamaru uses the Temari demon art to attack you. Other than that! You can defeat him to obtain the last move for the Temari blood demon art to complete the set. Though, it depends on RNG. 

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That is it! Now you know where to find Susamaru in Project Slayers, his demon art, and what he drops when killed. If you are having trouble finding Susamaru, let us know in the comments. 

Project Slayers is currently available on the Roblox platform.

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Where is Susamaru in Project Slayers? – Susamaru Location


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