Where Does the Saw Spawn in Blox Fruits? – Answered


Roblox’s Blox Fruits players can become the strongest and most powerful fighter ever in this popular Roblox game! There is the opportunity to be a master swordsman, an expert with Blox Fruits, and fight the toughest enemies and powerful bosses. Bosses can be very difficult enemies to kill! One of these bosses is Saw, a scary looking blue guy with a shock of black hair, and wearing a tropical shirt. Read on as we ask the question: where does the Saw spawn in Blox Fruits? – Answered!

The Saw Spawn Location

The Saw is a big boss in Blox Fruits, and he uses the weapon ‘Shark Saw’. He spawns for only 15 minutes every 1 hour and 15 minutes, during which time you must defeat him and get a rare reward.

the saw boss roblox blox fruits
The Saw Boss (via Roblox)

The Saw spawns in Middle Town, in First Sea. Here he will be ready to fight for 15 minutes, using two types of attack with his weapon Shark Saw. Check out these tips to avoiding damage from his weapon, and attacking him:

  • The Saw will slash 7 consecutive times out in front of him. These hits can stun and damage the player. Players must wait and keep back, taking advantage of the pause after the consecutive slashes.
  • Use ranged Fruits like Flame or Smoke to hit The Saw from a distance.
  • His execution sees The Saw spinning around, and his blade will stun anything it hits. Try to keep back, and move so he hits objects or the fountain instead.

Players must cause at least 10% damage to The Saw to be in with a chance of gaining his Shark Saw weapon.

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Shark saw blox fruits
Shark Saw in Blox Fruits Gameplay (via Roblox/Roblox Fandom)

That is all you need to know about where The Saw spawns and how to defeat him! Next up why not find out where all the raids are located in Blox Fruits? Good luck.

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Where Does the Saw Spawn in Blox Fruits? – Answered


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