Inspired by the famous Manga and Anime series Demon Slayers from author Koyoharu Gotouge, Project Slayers is a roleplaying game where players must find the Demon King, Kibutsuji Muzan, to become a Demon. However, Muzan appears only at a certain time in some specific locations. And that too! Randomly. That is why we have players who want to know where does Muzan spawn in Project Slayers? About Muzan spawn locations.

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This is where our guide on where Muzan spawn in Project Slayers comes in handy. 

Muzan Spawn Locations

We have around five locations, namely Kabiwaru Village, Butterfly Mansion, Ouwbayashi Home, Kiribating Village, and Zapiwara Mountain in Roblox Project Slayers, where Muzan spawns at night. Yes! Muzan only spawns at night at one of these five locations randomly. Moreover, some of the said locations have two or three spawn points where Muzan appears at night. 

Where Does Muzan Spawn in Project Slayers?

Below you will find the exact location where Muzan spawns in Project Slayers. 

Butterfly Mansion

In the Butterfly Mansion location, we have three spawn points where Muzan appears – 

  • You can Muzan past Shinobu in the Butterfly Mansion
  • You can find Muzan near the Yellow tree in the Wilderness past the short stairs
  • You can find Muzan by following the stairs in the Wilderness and then taking a right at the end of the stairs

Ouwbayashi Home

Once you arrive at the Ouwbayashi Home, turn right and follow the path. On the left side of a house, you will find Muzan. 

Kiribating Village

There are two spawn points in the Kiribating Village where you can find Muzan – 

  • The first spawn point is at the end of the old bridge. 
  • The second spawn point is at the edge of the fence that you can reach by following the left path while exiting the village. 

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Kabiwaru Village

You will find Muzan between the two houses found to the left of the stairs. 

Zapiwara Mountain

You will find Muzan underneath a Yellow tree down the cliff that you can reach by following the left path after spawning at the Kabiwaru village.

That is it. Now you know where and when to look for Muzan in Project Slayers.

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Where Does Muzan Spawn in Project Slayers? – Muzan Spawn Locations


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