Where Are the 3 Wanted Posters in the Cement Summit Mission for Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Who keeps putting up these wanted posters of Kirby? Whatever, we’ll just take them down anyway! Everbay Coast’s third level, Scale the Cement Summit, has exactly three wanted posters for you to destroy. We’ll show you where Cement Summit’s three wanted posters are in our Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide!

Wanted Poster Locations in Scale the Cement Summit

The first wanted poster is very hard to miss. At the beginning of the level, you’ll have to climb up a yellow ladder. At the top of the ladder, the wanted poster will be to your right.

The second poster is also pretty easy to spot, as long as you’re looking around every area. After the mini-boss fight with Fleurina, you’ll make your way up the Cement Summit. Once you reach the limited-time Waddle Dee, keep going to the left, and you should see a small pool with the wanted poster above it.

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The final wanted poster is actually well hidden, and it’s probably the one most people miss. Right after the Arch Mouth section, before you go up to the golden cage and free the three Waddle Dees, go to the right side of the screen where the trees are. The camera should pan over to reveal a hidden wanted poster.

And that’s it! You now have all three wanted posters in Scale the Cement Summit. If you have any other tips or questions about Kirby and the Forgotten Land, let us know in the comments below!

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Where Are the 3 Wanted Posters in the Cement Summit Mission for Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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