When Will Trevenant be in Pokemon UNITE? – Answered

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Pokemon UNITE has been pumping out consistent quality content month after month, and Pokemon fans are always waiting in anticipation to find out which new Pokemon could be making their entrance to the monster-brawling MOBA.

Revealed by The Pokemon Company earlier this week, the newest addition to the roster in Pokemon UNITE is none other than Trevenant, the undead tree Pokemon. If you want to find out when Trevenant will be releasing for Pokemon UNITE, then continue reading below!

When is Trevenant Releasing in Pokemon UNITE?

According to Pokemon UNITE’s official Japanese Twitter handle, Trevenant will be releasing on January 20. Details on Trevenant’s official moveset and abilities have not been disclosed, but what has been revealed is that Trevenant will be playing the role of Defender.

Based on the Character Spotlight trailer for Trevenant, we know some of its possible moves. We can see Trevenant standing in front of a Ludicolo and using what looks like the move Curse. The trailer also shows it using moves like Wood Hammer and Horn Leech.

Trevenant in the original games was a bulky Pokemon that acted as a tank while supporting its teammates by spreading status and activating Trick Room. With diverse moves like those shown in the trailer, it seems like Trevenant will be structured to handle various matchups depending on its build.

What do you think about the addition of Trevenant into Pokemon UNITE? Did you think it was a breath of fresh air, or were you expecting something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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When Will Trevenant be in Pokemon UNITE? – Answered


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