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When Should You Sell or Keep a Fish in Chillquarium?

When Should You Sell or Keep a Fish in Chillquarium?
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Your fish are your best buddies in Chillquarium, but sometimes you have to let them go in order to make some more money, so when is the best time to do so? We’ll show you when you should sell or keep fish in Chillquarium.

How to Decide Whether to Sell or Keep a Fish in Chillquarium

Chillquarium is a relaxing aquarium simulator where you can buy new fish in random packs and watch them grow into adults over time. You can also feed them the speed up their growth into healthy adults.

Of course, you’ll need some cash in order to buy fish packs, but how exactly do you get some? The fish you already own that have matured into adults passively generate money for you every day. The rarer the fish, the more money they earn daily.

In addition to passively making money, fish can also be sold back to the fish store to immediately get some money back. Fish have static sell values, depending on their rarity and if they’re a variant.

So, when you should keep a fish versus selling it? The easiest way to make this decision is to simply look at a fish’s ratio. The ratio of a fish is determined by how much a fish’s sell value is compared to their daily money generation. This isn’t an actual listed stat, you have to work out the math yourself.

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Let’s take a look at the tiny little Goldfish, as it’s a great example of lopsided ratio. Goldfish make $0.02 per day when they’re adults, but they sell for a flat rate of $2.00, assuming it’s a normal, common Goldfish.

In cases like the Goldfish, it’s usually a better idea to sell the fish. To give you a clearer explanation, it would take the Goldfish 50 days to make just a single buck. Of course, if you had multiple Goldfish, this process would be significantly sped up, but you’ll want to save your tank space for higher value fish.

To recap, you should sell a fish if their ratio is not great; if the fish’s daily money is nothing, then go ahead and sell it. If the fish’s ratio is equal and they actually make a decent amount of money per day, then keep it. Be sure to check out the rest of our Chillquarium coverage!

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When Should You Sell or Keep a Fish in Chillquarium?