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How to Auto Feed Your Fish in Chillquarium & Gain XP Fast

How to Auto Feed Your Fish in Chillquarium & Gain XP Fast
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Chillquarium is a relaxing game that lets you to raise a tank full of cute fish. The fish grow on their own over time, and you can feed your fish to speed up their leveling, so here’s how to auto feed your fish in Chillquarium to gain XP fast.

How to Auto Feed Fish in Chillquarium

In Chillquarium, all fish start as babies, and they gain experience points over time. When a fish’s XP meter fills up all the way, they grow up into adults, revealing their breed. They’ll also start earning money over time as adults.

At any point you can right-click anywhere in the tank to drop a little food pellet. Any nearby fish will immediately swim towards it and gobble it up, earning 5 XP in the process. It may not seem like much, but the pellets don’t cost anything, and you can drop as many as you want, so it can add up pretty quickly depending on how frequently you feed them.

Well, what if we told you there’s an exploit that you can do to make food pellets constantly spawn without any input from you? There’s a little trick you can do that make the game think you’re constantly pressing the right mouse button without actually doing it.

To pull off auto feed trick, all you need to do is hold down right-click to start rapidly drop in food, then ALT + TAB to switch focus to any other application you have open. Now that you have another window focused, keep holding down right-click, and move your mouse out of Chillquarium, then let go of right-click.

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If you did everything successfully, Chillquarium should be unfocused, and food should be constantly spawning in the last spot your moved your mouse. If it doesn’t work, try it again—there’s no need to rush the process, just make sure you follow the steps carefully.

It helps to make sure your last mouse movement be near the edge of the screen, rather than in the center. The reason for this is that the fish build up speed, so they’ll start doing circles around food in the center, whereas food on the edges of the screen give them less room to move.

Alternatively, you could just download an auto-clicker application like OP Auto Clicker to actually simulate rapid mouse clicks.

That’s how you do the auto feed trick in Chillquarium to gain XP fast. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below! If you’re into fishing games, be sure to also check out our all fish in Tiny Fishing guide.

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How to Auto Feed Your Fish in Chillquarium & Gain XP Fast