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All Fish in Tiny Fishing Listed

All Fish in Tiny Fishing Listed
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In Tiny Fishing, the aim of the game is to catch as many fish as you can and sell them for cash. As you fish you will notice that the more you upgrade your hook and pole, the more fish you can reach. Eventually, you can plunge your line into the deepest depths of the ocean! Your upgraded fishing pole will be able to capture bigger and more expensive fish and other sea life. Let’s explore exactly how many fish available in the game, and what they are all worth in Tiny Fishing.

Every fish available in Tiny Fishing

Below is a complete table of every fish available in Tiny Fishing. If you want to see your best catches and coolest rare fish then make sure you check out your Aquarium. In the aquarium, you will see what depth each fish was caught in, and how much money you made. There is even a chance to gain a bit more cash by selling your collection. Bonuses come when you fish for buried treasure chests, so keep an eye out for those as you go.

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This list is in order of depth so if you want to catch the more expensive fish, then upgrade your equipment to fish deeper!

Small Blue$10
Small Green$20
Red Fin$25
Small Gold$100
Small Orange Stripe$50
Medium Gold$150
Medium Orange Stripe$75
Blue Octopus$100
Green Octopus$250
Medium Orange$200
Medium Pink$300
Large Gold$500
Small Silver and Blue$700
Long Fin Small Gold$2500
Gold Seahorse$7000
Gold Dolphin$10000
Purple and Yellow Sea Urchin$12000
Medium Red$20000
Purple Seahorse£30000

So now you know what sort of fish and other creatures you can catch in Tiny Fishing, why not grab your rod and give it a go! Find out what your new record will be! Play Tiny Fishing now at coolmathgames.com

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All Fish in Tiny Fishing Listed