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Creatures of the Deep Fish Locations | Complete Guide

Locations of all fish in Creatures of the Deep

Looking for a specific fish in the vast waters of Creatures of the Deep? Then, you have arrived at the right place. Creatures of the Deep is a multiplayer fishing game with an astounding amount of unique fish and other aquatic creatures. In this mobile game, you can explore five different places to go fishing and hunt for the biggest fish. Each destination is full of various fish species waiting to be caught. In this article, we have shared the locations of all fishes available in Creatures of the Deep.

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Where to Find Every Fish in Creatures of the Deep

Image via Infinite Dreams

In Creatures of the Deep, players first start at the Home Island, where they begin their life as an angler and get access to fishing gear. From the Home Island, Flying Bob Travel Agency can take you to five different destinations: Paradise Islands, Great Lakes, Costa Rica, Alaska, and Australia.

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Paradise Islands is unlocked by default, but the rest of the destinations need to be unlocked by spending gold coins. Let’s go through all fishes found in each destination:

Paradise Island Fish Locations

Paradise Island is where your fishing journey begins. In this destination, you can catch 12 varieties of fish:

Fish NameLocationTime
Blue TrevallyDark Water, North Water, South Water, Lagoon, Harbor, NWAnytime
BonefishDark Water, North Water, South Water, Sunken Ship, Coral Reefs, NW, SW, SENight
ClownfishCoral ReefAnytime
Green Humphead ParrotfishNW, SEDay
Largetooth FlouderSouth WaterAnytime
Longtail TunaLagoon, Tuna BayAnytime
Pacific FootballfishNE, SW, SENight
Pelagic StingrayNE, SW, SEAnytime
Snubnose PompanoDark Water, North Water, East Water, SW, LagoonmDay
Spot-fin PorcupinefishEast Water, LagoonAnytime
White TunaDark Water, East Rock, NE, Tuna BayAnytime

Great Lakes Fish Locations

Great Lakes destination is the first destination you can unlock by spending 2000 gold coins. There are 24 fish types to discover in Great Lakes. Unlike fish in Paradise Island, many fish in Great Lakes can only be caught during their respective seasons.

Fish NameLocationTimeSeason
AlewifeNorth, Algae Area, Beaver River, Smugglers Bay, TriangleAnytimeAll
American EelSENightDecember-September
BloaterSE, Beaver River, Forsaken Hut 1, Smugglers Bay, TriangleAnytimeAll
Brook TroutNorthAnytimeMarch-September
Brown TroutNorth, Old CampNightApril-November
Channel CatfishTrappers’ CoveAnytimeAll
Chinook SalmonNorth, Forsaken Hut 1 & Hut 3, Old CampNightMarch-October
Coho SalmonEastAnytimeJune-November
Flathead CatfishNorth, Forsaken Hut 3NightApril-October
Lake SturgeonNWAnytimeMarch-August
Lake TroutTrappers’ Cove, Deep LagoonDayAugust-January
Largemouth BassWestAnytimeOctober-April
Longnose GarForsaken Hut 1NightAll
MuskieNW, Dead Forest, Smugglers Bay, Trappers’ Cove, TriangleDayFebruary-August
Pink SalmonEastDayMarch-September
Redear SunfishEast, Beaver River, Forsaken Hut 1, Smugglers Bay, Trappers’ Cove, TriangleAnytimeDecember-March
Round WhitefishNorth, West, East, Dead Forest, Deep Lagoon, Forsaken Hut 1, Smugglers Bay, Trappers’ CoveAnytimeApril-October
Sea LampreyNorth, East, West, Old Camp, Algae Area, Deep Lagoon, TriangleAnytimeAll
Smallmouth BassWest, East, TriangleNightOctober-April
WalleyeNorth, Algae Area, Deep LagoonNightMarch-October
White BassWestAnytimeFebruary-July
White CrappieAlgae Area, Deep Lagoon, Post Harbor, Smugglers Bay, TriangleDayAll
Yellow PerchEast, Beaver River, Smugglers Bay, Trappers’ CoveAnytimeMarch-November

Costa Rica Fish Locations

Once you have unlocked Great Lakes, Costa Rica becomes unlockable at the price of 5000 gold coins. This region has many epic and race fish, with a total of 22 fish types.

Fish NameLocationTimeSeason
BarracudaNorth, West, East 1, South 1, Crocodile Beach, Pirate Cave, Surfers BeachAnytimeAll
Black MarlinGreat DepthsNightJuly-October
Blue MarlinGreat DepthsAnytimeApril-November
Broomtail GrouperEast 2, South 2, Great Depths, Mangrove Bay, Volcano CoastDayAll
Bull SharkGreat DepthsNightJune-September
Cubera SnapperEast 3, North, Great DepthsNightJune-November
DoradoSouth 1, PirateAnytimeAll
Hammerhead SharkGreat DepthsAnytimeAll
Jack CrevalleNorth, South 1, Great DepthsDayMarch-October
Nurse SharkGreat DepthsNightAll
Pacific SailfishCrocodile Bay, Crocodile Beach, Great Depths, Great ReefNightAll
PompanoWest, East 3AnytimeAll
RoosterfishDrake BayAnytimeAll
Sierra MackerelNorth, East 1, East 3, South 1, Crocodile Beach, Great Depths, Great Reef, HarborDayAll
SnookNorth, East 2, East 3, South 1, Great DepthsAnytimeMay-September
Striped MarlinWest, Great Depths, Flamingo Beach, Pirate Cave, Spanish ShipwreckDayAll
TarponNorth, West, East 3, South 1, Great DepthjsAnytimeAll
TripletailSouth 1, South 2, Crocodile Bay, Crocodile Beach, Drake Bay, Great Depths, Great ReefDayMay-September
WahooNorth, Crocodile Bay, Great DepthsNightAll
Whale SharkGreat DepthsDayMarch-December
Whitetip SharkGreat DepthsAnytimeAll
Yellowfin TunaWest, East 1, South 1, Great DepthsDayAll

Alaska Fish Locations

The cold region of Alaska is your next destination in Creatures of the Deep. You will need 10000 gold coins to unlock it. There are 25 fish types available to discover in Alaska:

Fish NameLocationTimeSeason
Arctic CharCenter 1, East 2, West 1, South 1AnytimeJune-September
Arctic GreylingCanoe Islet, Cook Bay, Iceberg, Whale DepthsDayJune-July
Atka MackerelEast 1, Canoe Islet, Cook Bay, Whale DepthsDayAll
Bigmouth SculpinEast 2, South 1, Iceberg, Salmon WatersNightAll
Blue LingcodEast 1, East 2, Arctic Depths, Cold Bay, Salmon Waters, Whale Depths DayMarch-October
BurbotSouth 1, South 2, Iceberg, Whale DepthsNightOctober-February
CapelinArctic Depths, Cold Bay, Junk Bay, Whale DepthsDayAll
Chum SalmonArctic Depths, Cold Bay, Knik Creek, Salmon WatersNightJune-November
CoalfishCenter 1, North, West 1, South 1AnytimeApril-August
Dolly VardenCenter 1, East 2, South 1, South 2AnytimeAll
HalibutArctic Depths, Halibut CoveAnytimeAll
Humpback SalmonCenter 1, West 1, Arctic Depths, Salmon WatersDayApril-August
King SalmonSalmon WatersDayApril-September
LancetfishNorth, East 2, South 1, South 2, Salmon WatersNightAll
Ocean SunfishArctic Depths (UFO)NightMay-September
Pacific HerringArctic Depths, Arctic Village, Cold Bay, Knik Creek, Polar Beach, Salmon Waters, AnytimeOctober-March
Pacific Sleeper SharkSouth 1, Salmon Waters, Whale DepthsAnytimeAll
Rougheye RockfishEast 1, East 2, Arctic Depths, Cold Bay, Whale DepthsAnytimeAll
Salmon SharkSalmon WatersAnytimeAll
Silver SalmonCenter 1, East 1, Salmon Waters, Whale Depths DayJuly-October
Sockeye SalmonCenter 1, Center 2, South 1, Salmon WatersAnytimeApril-November
Spiny SkateSouth 1, Arctic Depths, Iceberg, Salmon Waters, Whale DepthsAnytimeAll
SteelheadNorth, South 1, Cook Bay, Whale DepthsAnytimeSeptember-April
Wolf EelArctic Depths, Arctic Village, Cook Bay, Knik Creek, Polar Beach, Salmon WatersAnytimeAll
Yellow Irish LordCenter 1, East 1, West 1, South 1AnytimeAll

Australia Fish Locations

Australia is the last destination unlockable at a high price of 20000. You can find up to 30 different fish in Australia:

Fish NameLocationTimeSeason
AlbacoreNorth of New Caledonia, NEDayApril-December
BarramundiPapua Bay, Sow & Piglets, Sunday BayAnytimeFebruary-May
Black BreamDevil Island, Sow & PigletsAnytimeAll
Black-saddled Coral GrouperDevil Island, Spiral Sandbar, Sow & PigletsAnytimeAll
Carpet SharkSunday Bay (East)NightAll
Common StargazerNE, Coco Island, Sow & Piglets, Sunday BayAnytimeMay-September
Coral TroutSunday Bay, Sow & Piglets, Turtlegrass PatchDayMay-November
Dusky FlatheadCloud IslandDayOctober-April
FingermarkCloud Island (North), New Caledonia, Sunday BayNightAll
Giant TrevallyCloud IslandAnytimeAll
Golden TrevallyBird Island, Devil Island, Sow & Piglets, Spiral SandbarAnytimeMarch-October
Hoodwinker SunfishBetween Devil’s Island and Cloud IslandDayAll
John DoryNE, Papua Bay, Devil Island, New Caledonia, Sow & PigletsAnytimeAll
Leafy SeadragonTurtlegrass PatchAnytimeAll
LuderickCloud Island, East of Harbor, Sow & Piglets, Papua BayAnytimeJune-November
Mangrove JackSow & Piglets, Sunday Bay (East), Shark BoneNightAll
Manta RayNEAnytimeOctober-March
Port Jackson SharkNew CaledoniaAnytimeMay-October
Queensland GrouperCentral sandbarAnytimeDecember-March
Red Emperor Snapper Devil Island, Sow & PigletsDayAll
Rock FlagtailSow & Piglets, Cloud Island (North)NightAll
Shortfin Mako SharkNorth of New CaledoniaNightAll
Skipjack TunaNE, East of Harbor, Sow & Piglets, Sunday Bay, Kangaroo Island, Shark BonesDayAll
Smooth Oreo DoryNEAnytimeOctober-April
Spanish MackerelNew Caledonia, Sow & PigletsAnytimeApril-November
Spotted HandfishDevil IslandNightAll
SwordfishNorth of New CaledoniaAnytimeAll
TailorEast of Harbor, Sow & Piglets, Papua Bay, Sunday Bay, Spiral SandbarAnytimeFebruary-June
Tiger SharkNorth of New CaledoniaNightAll
Unicorn LeatherjacketDevil Island, Sow & PigletsDayOctober-February

Catching a fish isn’t as easy as going to the spot and casting your fishing rod. Certain fish don’t respond to basic baits and need a more advanced fishing rod. If you can’t catch the fish you want, it might be a rare or special kind that requires better equipment.

If Creatures of the Deep seems like an interesting game to you, then we also recommend playing Dredge, a fishing game with a twist of horror.

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Creatures of the Deep Fish Locations | Complete Guide