Home Game Guides When Is Sims 4 Better Babies Update Coming Out? – Answered

When Is Sims 4 Better Babies Update Coming Out? – Answered

When Is Sims 4 Better Babies Update Coming Out? – Answered

In the world of video games, there are a huge number of different genres for every taste. And life sims have a significant place among all genres. And, without a doubt, one of the most popular representatives of these genres is Sims 4. In this game, you can become anyone and achieve goals that are impossible to do in real life. And with every update, the game gets even more content. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you when the Sims 4 Better Babies update coming out.

When Is Sims 4 Better Babies Update Coming Out?

The Sims 4 has an incredibly huge amount of different content and features. Players can create Sims with unique looks, personalities, and hobbies. And then all roads in life are open before you. For example, if you dreamed of making music, you can create your band and become famous. Or you can start a family and have children.

However, the Sims 4 has some minor issues with babies. Many players noticed that in the game, babies are more stationary objects than living people. But fortunately, during The Sims Summit, the developers talked about the upcoming update that will fix this.

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The Better Babies update is the change many players have been waiting for. This update will completely change the behavior of babies and make them much more realistic. For example, instead of lying in the bassinet, the baby will move around the house. Unfortunately, the exact release date of this update is not yet known. But on the official developer page, there is a message that the Better Babies update will come out in early 2023.

That’s all that is known about the release date of the Better Babies update. We hope the developers will provide more details soon. Therefore, follow our guides so as not to miss the news. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to download and use Sims 4 UI Cheats Expansion.

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When Is Sims 4 Better Babies Update Coming Out? – Answered


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