When is Crypto Coming to Apex Legends Mobile? – Answered


Apex Legends is one of the greatest multiplayer games and there are lots of players who love to play it. The product has a few different versions that can be played on various devices. Today we are going to talk about rumors that tell about a new character coming out on the version for mobile devices. This guide will tell you when is Crypto coming to Apex Legends Mobile.

Who is Crypto in Apex Legends?

There are lots of cool characters that you can play in Apex Legends. Some of them can outflank opponents and defeat them with a couple of shots while the others are specialized in tanking. Also, there are lots of different supports that are able to provide their team with healing, buffs, and mobility.

Crypto is a character that specializes in surveillance and reconnaissance. He can use his drone to scan his surroundings and search for enemies. His ultimate skill allows him to launch an EMP wave that will damage your enemies’ shields, slow down their movement speed, and destroy traps. There are rumors that Crypro will be released in Apex Legends Mobile and today we will provide you with detailed information about this update.

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When is Crypto Coming to Apex Legends Mobile?

Crypto is a great character and it seems that there are lots of players who would like to play him in Apex Legends Mobile. According to the latest reports, this character was available in the shop because of the bug. The developers have already fixed this glitch but it gives us a hint about the legend’s release.

Crypto will likely be released in the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 which is going to be the next major update. So, those who want to play this legend will be able to enjoy their favorite character soon enough.

We still don’t know much about the Season 2.5 release date but we will try to update you with more information about it. So, you could check more guides on our website to find some interesting articles about Apex Legends Mobile and other multiplayer games. Good luck in your further matches!

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When is Crypto Coming to Apex Legends Mobile? – Answered


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