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When Does The Finals Season 1 End? – Answered

When Does The Finals Season 1 End? – Answered
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The Finals is a high-octane team shooter with a reality TV show theme. The game just officially launched a few weeks ago, and season 1 is underway, but when does The Finals season 1 end?

When is The Finals Season 1 Ending?

Like most modern first-person shooters on the market right now, The Finals offers a battle pass that comes in both a free and premium form. Completing matches earns you battle pass experience, and leveling up nets you cosmetic rewards and Multibucks, the game’s premium currency.

For season 1’s battle pass, there are a total of 96 levels to work through, so if you’re planning on completing the battle pass before the season is over, then you better get to work!

Speaking of which, when exactly is season 1 of The Finals ending? The in-game battle pass description doesn’t give an exact date, but it does give the amount of days remaining in the season, so from our calculations, The Finals season 1 should be ending sometime around March 12, 2024.

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So, players have roughly three months to get as far into the season’s battle pass as they can. Even if you’re sticking with just the free version of the battle pass, you can still get some fun cosmetic rewards, so don’t dilly-dally. By the way, if you’re having trouble surviving matches, be sure to take a look at our weapon tier list for The Finals so you know you’re using the right gear.

To earn season experience, complete matches and your daily contracts. You’re given five daily contracts every day, and completing a contract nets you 500 experience, while completing the first win of the day contract gets you 4,000 experience.

On top of the base experience earned, you also get bonus experience for completing a certain amount of daily contracts. Completing 2 and 4 contracts gets you 2,000 experience both times, and completing all 5 contracts is worth an extra 2,000.

Now that you know when The Finals‘ season 1 is ending, it’s time to get out there and win the big bucks. If you have any other questions about The Finals‘ first season, let us know in the comments below.

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When Does The Finals Season 1 End? – Answered