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The Finals Weapon Tier List | The Best Weapons in The Finals

The Finals Weapon Tier List | The Best Weapons in The Finals
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THE FINALS Open Beta is up and running, and those of you hopping into the game will need the best weapons to snag that win.

Image via Embark Studios

Even though the arcade-style visual elements and misleading childlike overtone, The Finals is an immensely competitive shooter, positioning teams inside an arena to battle for the headline of the champion.

With an accurate comprehension of the game’s environment, it’s easier to develop the winner of The Finals; for this reason, it’s essential to comprehend your weapons. Players count on their arena and weapon expertise to win, taking benefit of their enemies at any opportunity. We also have a complete guide for The Finals, with all the tips and tricks you need to master the game – don’t miss it!

Therefore, we will disclose and furnish a list of the optimum weapons within The Finals to assist you in the following.

What Are the Best Weapons in The Finals?

There are 5 weapons that can be considered the optimum in The Finals, varying from the remarkably considerable V9S pistol to the brutally considerable SA1216 shotgun. Below, we clarify why each of these guns is the optimum in The Finals:

1. V9S [Light]

The V9S pistol has an incredible fire rate, range, and damage output. It is perfect for close and medium-range combat and can effectively turn into an SMG with its semi-auto fire rate.

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2. SR-84 [Light]

The SR-84 is a mighty sniper rifle found in the Light class. This rifle has a rapid ADS time, making it perfect for taking down long-range targets in the blink of an eye. While it requires a little getting used to, the SR-84 is one of the best guns in The Finals and perfect for those looking for a lot of range.

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3. AKM [Medium]

The AKM is a reliable and powerful assault rifle that belongs to the medium class. It has a deadly damage output and high accuracy, making it effective at both medium and long range. Although it has too much recoil for some, once you get used to it, this is a reliable and powerful rifle that can dominate matches.

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4. SA1216 [Heavy]

The SA1216 is a semi-automatic shotgun found in the Heavy class. Four barrels allow you to pop off multiple shots, ensuring you can take down a target at close range almost instantly. Additionally, its 16-shell mag means you can hold your own for quite some time before needing to reload. It’s a mighty shotgun and a viable option for players looking to get up close and personal.

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5. XP-54 [Light]

The XP-54 is a rapid-fire SMG that belongs to the Light class. Much like the MP5 in games such as Call of Duty, the XP-54 excels in close combat. Its fast TTK, coupled with the Light class’s increased mobility, makes it one of the quickest ways of dispatching your enemies in The Finals.

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The Finals Weapons Tier List

The Tier list is based on our opinions. You can choose the S-tier weapons, but you should also try the ones you like. This way, you can discover new possibilities and master every weapon in The Finals.

SV9S, SA1216, FCAR
ASR-84, CL-40, XP-54, Sawed-off Shotgun
BM11, .30-06 Sniper, LH1, Assassin’s Dagger, Sword
CAKM, Riot Shield, R.357, Repeater, Pump-Action Grenade Launcher
DFlamethrower, Sledgehammer, M32 Grenade Launcher, M60
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List of All The Weapons in The Finals

There are currently 20 weapons in The Finals, with most of them being usable and a handful being genuinely excellent. Below, we’ve ranked each one in ascending order, so you know which are worth using:

6R. 357
7Model 1887
12Lewis Gun
20Riot Shield

How To Unlock New Weapons in The Finals

To get new weapons in The Finals, you need VR currency. You can earn VRs by gaining XP and leveling up. We’ll see how to level up fast later, but if you have enough VRs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Equipments option on the main screen.
  2. Choose your character’s class from the three tabs on the top left: Light, Medium, or Heavy.
  3. Select one of the three sections: Specializations, Weapons, or Gadgets.
  4. Pick your desired weapon and click the yellow Unlock button on the right. If you have enough VRs, you can unlock them.
  5. The weapon’s cost will be subtracted from your VRs, and you will get your new weapon.

To start strong, try to get S-tier weapons. They are the most powerful and can boost your chances of winning.

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So, Which Build Do You Want to Choose?

That concludes our list of the best weapons in The Final FPS. This game has great potential, although it is still in its beta stages. Choosing any of these weapons as your primary will quickly give you the competitive edge you need to rule the lobbies you decide to join!

If you’re looking for other information about The Final tier lists and guides, check them out in our game guide’s section!

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