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When are the Full Moons in Pokemon Go? – Answered

When are the Full Moons in Pokemon Go? – Answered
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In Pokemon, the moon is often associated with the Ursaring line. The Teddiursa Community Day will happen in mid-November of this year. However, it won’t just be any ordinary event. Pokemon Go players are in for a very special treat, as this Community Day will welcome Ursaluna to Pokemon Go.

Ursaluna is the final evolution of Teddiursa and recently made its debut in Pokemon Legends Arceus as a Hisuian Pokemon. In that game, you evolved Ursaring into Ursaluna using a Peat Block on the night of a full moon. Pokemon Go will use a similar system, but it’s in a different availability. This is when the full moons are in Pokemon Go.

When The Full Moons Will Arrive

Teddiursa from Pokemon

On November 12th at 2 pm, a full moon will show up in the skies in Pokemon Go and stay there until November 13th, at 6 am. This is your window of opportunity to evolve your Ursaring into Ursaluna, which you need 100 candies to do. The actual Community Day event will run from 2 pm to 5 pm, which gives you around three hours to catch Teddiursa and collect all the candies that you need. Even though it ends at 5, you will able to evolve your Ursaring until 6 am that morning.

Is Ursaluna Limited?

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From what it appears, the full moons are going to be a limited-time event. Since the actual full moon is on November 8th, we know that the real-life ones do not sync up with the game time. Thus, you won’t see one in the following month or the one after that. Instead, they will most likely come for special occasions.

Therefore, this might be your only opportunity for a long time to add Ursaluna to your roster, as there is no guarantee the full moons will even return. Regional variant Pokemon have a tendency to be limited time, so this most likely is the same for Hisuian evolutions.

Ursaluna comes to Pokemon Go on November 12th, so be sure to save the date!

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When are the Full Moons in Pokemon Go? – Answered


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