Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise may not exactly be a traditional RPG, but stats, and buffs, are just as important as in every other role-playing game. While stats are mainly increased by purchasing better equipment, there is a way to receive some welcome buffs before embarking on any quest by eating Bunny Dango, one of the food specialties of Kamura Village.

Here’s everything there is to know about the Bunny Dango in Monster Hunter Rise.

What’s Bunny Dango?

The Bunny Dango is based on a real Japanese dish which you have probably seen at least once in your favorite anime series. These rice flour dumplings are extremely tasty, and in Monster Hunter Rise, they do provide some very welcome boosts by eating them.

Where To Eat Bunny Dango

Bunny Dango can be eaten in a variety of different locations: at the stand in Kamura Village, in the Canteen in the Gathering Hub, and even in your tent while on a quest. No matter where you decide to eat, the Bunny Dango will provide the same identical benefits.

Bunny Dango Benefits

The Bunny Dango is made with three different dumplings that come with unique skills that have a certain activation chance. You can mix and match them, and even save a particular combination so that you can eat it without having to put it together manually again. To increase the chances to activate the skills, you can use Dango Tickets: the boost is massive, between 40% and 50%, so you will likely be able to activate all skills if you use one.

No matter the dumplings included in the Bunny Dango, you will receive a Health and Stamina boost which increases as you increase your Village and Gathering Hub rank.

  • Health +20 Stamina +20 – Available from the start
  • Health +30 Stamina +30 – Reach rank 3 in the Village or rank 2 in Gathering Hub
  • Health +40 Stamina +40 – Reach rank 4 in the Village or rank 3 Gathering Hub
  • Health +50 Stamina +50 – Reach rank 5 in the Village and complete an additional quest

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