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What to Upgrade First in Dave the Diver

Learn which upgrades are the best to work towards first in Dave the Diver.

The Giant Blue Hole is a geographical enigma, as it seems to be constantly changing shape. The depths below are perilous, and Dave needs all the help he can get in order to ensure safe dives. Dave can use the iDiver app to upgrade his personal equipment, but what should you focus on first? Here are some recommendations on what to upgrade first in Dave the Diver.

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Which upgrades should you go for first in Dave the Diver?

After the prologue dive, Cobra shows Dave how to upgrade his diving gear through the iDiver app. To get started, press the ESC key (start button on controller) to open your phone, then select the iDiver app.

Dave has four upgrade categories to choose from:

  • The Air Tank determines your maximum oxygen level. Oxygen decreases over time and if hostile sea life attacks Dave.
  • The Diving Suit determines your maximum depth limit. Diving past your current suit’s depth limit drains your oxygen faster.
  • The Cargo Box determines your maximum inventory weight limit. Upgrading the box increases the amount of stuff you can carry back to the boat. Dave’s swimming speed drastically slows down if he is over encumbered.
  • The Harpoon Gun determines the attack power of Dave’s default Harpoon Gun. Stronger Harpoon Guns allow Dave to catch bigger fish.

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So, which upgrade you should get first? There is no one right answer here, as all four upgrades are very useful and crucial to progression in Dave the Diver, but we tend to go for the Diving Suit upgrades first.

Most of the valuable fish and crafting materials in the Giant Blue Hole are usually scattered in the deeper section, so having a deeper depth limit makes the journey less stressful. After the Diving Suit, we go for the Air Tank upgrades to increase your maximum oxygen. Plus, the Air Tank upgrades are the cheapest out of the four.

If you want to focus on improving Bancho Sushi as quickly as possible, we recommend you prioritize the Cargo Box and Harpoon Gun upgrades instead. You can bring back a lot of fish with a better Harpoon Gun and bigger inventory, ensuring that the restaurant always has lots of options and upgrade potential.

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What to Upgrade First in Dave the Diver